Smelly Cedar Closet needs help

annova914November 11, 2008

Eight years ago we bought a house that has a walk-in cedar closet. At first we thought it was wonderful but a couple years later I noticed a sickening odor on top of the cedar scent. My husband just sanded the walls and ceiling (per instructions he found at and ugh...I can still smell that peculiar odor (sorta like a clothes hamper odor). All we're storing in the cedar closet are wool clothes and coats. Is there something we need to do/buy/try to bring back just that cedar scent and get rid of that stale odor? Thanks.

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What type of flooring does the closet have? Your problem may not be with the cedar, but with whatever is on the floor. Usually sanding cedar every few years renews the "cedar" scent.
Also, has your house ever been flooded? There may be something behind the cedar, like mold, that is causing the smell.

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We have carpet in the closet and yes we had some flooding in the basement 7 years ago but not near this side of the house (and all carpet was replaced and the basement was treated by Servpro). I just opened the door (first time in 4 days) and it smells so much cedar! Maybe it just needed a few days? I'm hoping that other stale-old-hamper-clothes-odor won't return. Thanks for your response.

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