Bathtub reglazing - partial

s8thrdMay 22, 2012


We have several rust spots around the drain area of our tub (within 2 inches of the drain).

I was wondering if it is possible to do a reglaze of just that area of the tub. Or, does a partial reglaze peel up or not work for some other reason? (True, it might not be a perfect match, but I was thinking of masking off a perfectly circular area so any difference wouldn't look so bad.)

I'm also wondering if I can/should do this myself. The reglazing companies around here, so far at least, are only interesting in doing the entire tub.

I will not get the entire tub reglazed. This big 1916 tub has a lustrous, glassy white finish which is nicer than newer tubs, which matches the tile, and is in perfect condition except for that one small area. To reglaze would be, in some ways, to downgrade.

And, the former owners of my previous house had had the tub reglazed, and after several years it suddenly all starting coming up, creating a huge mess and necessitating tub replacement. I've heard that, while this doesn't always happen, it happens a lot. (Because this can take many years to occur, recommendations do not necessarily guard against it.) At least if the partial reglaze developed problems, they would be confined to a tiny fraction of the tub area.

If anybody knows ANYTHING about this, or can steer me anywhere for help, I would greatly appreciate this!

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Live with it or replace the tub are your only options. Anything else will not work.

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Is the problem that a spot reglaze comes up? I appreciate the response but some elaboration would be helpful.

Replacing the tub is not a good option. We'd end up replacing all the gorgeous old bathroom tile AND I'm told we'd have to tear up the concrete floor (which the drain line is embedded in, along with a steam pipe etc.) as well as rip open the ceiling from below to replace the plumbing. Huge, very expensive job potentially fraught with problems, and this is our only upstairs bathroom, for a family with small children.

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