cleaning splatters on gas cooktop

nancedNovember 8, 2008

Help!! I have just started using my first-ever gas stove. I cooked sausages and then spent 1/2 hour cleaning!The heavy cast iron grates had to be removed and the whole stovetop had to be degreased. Is there such a thing as a splatter protector for the rest of the stovetop when I'm cooking something messy? I'm hoping I haven't made a mistake going to gas from electric. This clean-up issue is huge to me. Any suggestons?

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They do sell lids to catch the splatter. They are universal lids (to fit all sizes) and are made of a mesh that will let the steam escape but catch the splatters.

They also sell little pie pan type lids to fit over the other burners you are not using.

Buy a degreaser like Greased Lightning to clean up grease splatters.

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Also if I am making a big messy production ofs omething like fried food for the masses or a big batch ofsjelly, I will cover some of the cooktop with foil.
If you clean up your grease spatters righta way they wont' become hardened....and any of the degreaser sprays works very well.
Linda C

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thanks for that. I'm sort of wondering how to keep the other 3 burners and the cast iron grates from getting totally grease covered if I don't get the splatter screen on in time. (the family isn't always as careful)My old electric stove was much easier to keep clean on a daily basis. Maybe this is just one of those cases where I need to take time to get used to something new

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