Got $7K to spend on a Medicine Cabinet?

raehelenMay 5, 2013

Dh wanted me to give him the measurements for the rough-in for our medicine cabinet. Turns out 25" wide by 36" high will fit nicely. So onto Google to look for examples to help me visualize the dimensions, etc.

Here's one I found for roughly $7K (including taxes), but wait, it's on sale for $5K, AND free shipping...can't pass that up! LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's what $7K will buy you!

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Well, when you can spend $10.5K on a toilet...

Here is a link that might be useful: Herbeau toilet

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OMG! That is one ugly toilet! But, hey it's also on sale with free shipping!

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That isn't "just" a medicine cabinet ... it does have a faucet too! There are lots of unusual things I could be tempted to spend/waste my money on, but luckily that toilet isn't one of them! That is ugly.

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Gives new meaning to "sitting on the throne."

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I guess those are the same people that buy the $450 wall mounted toilet brush I saw. The one I got for, I think $40 or so, looks great (though not installed yet), and that's about as much of a premium as I was willing to pay to get it off the floor!

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Williamsem--I definitely need to introduce you to the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush system! No need to install a $40 toilet brush holder. The SBFB starter set comes with a durable handle, a hook for the toilet tank for storage of the handle, 2 scrubby brush refills and a pack of flushable refills. The scrubbies & the flushable refills are already loaded with toilet cleaner. You simply pull back the slider button on the handle, insert the scrubby/refill and slide the button back to lock. Scrub, then release when done. Far less expensive than $40, and handle is well hidden either on the side of the toilet tank or behind it so nothing is on display. We have 1 for every bathroom and the handle fits perfectly behind the tank/toilet so you can't even see it. I'd give them a whirl before installing a toilet brush holder, no matter how pretty it is.

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That medicine cabinet must be flying off the shelves - Its on backorder! LOL.

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