Location of lights in the Hood - at the Back or Front?

fatladyMay 14, 2014

The Delonghi hood we are considering purchasing has 2 40 watt halogen lamps, but they are located at the back (against the wall, on the wall mounted, chimney-style hood).

Is that a problem? It seems to me that they should be at the front of the hood for best illumination. Has anyone had a problem with rear mounted lights on their hood??

I suppose this might help with the problem mentioned earlier that the halogens can also cook the top of your head!

(This is a followup to my earlier post about best lighting in the hood. Thanks to all who responded. Very helpful!)

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Great questions, thanks for posting! I can't wait to see the feedback.

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The lighting should def be toward the front. If the lighting is toward the back, it's mostly lighting the backsplash. There are so many good hoods on the market, bypass this one and get one with lighting toward the front. I actually didn't know DeLonghi made hoods - not a good sign. Buy from a manufacturer well known for its hoods. There are a ton of threads on this forum which recommend hoods.

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My lights are at the front, and angle down/back at about 60*, providing very good lighting of the cooking area. Located in the back, they would need to point forward, which I think would be glaring, and bothersome to the cook.

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Me too. Lights in front light up cooktop.

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In my opinion, the lights should be in the back. The front burners will receive some light from the overall room lights, it's the rear burners that will be overshadowed by the range hood.

The "Rolls-Royce" of range hoods - Miele - has lights on the back on almost all of their models. Other European manufacturers, like Gaggenau and Futuro Futuro, also usually have lights on the back of their range hoods, or in the front but angled to the rear so they light up the entire cooking surface (see example via link).

Here is a link that might be useful: Concorde wall hood with angled lights

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