Has anyone used zero rez capet cleaning?

seattlehostmomNovember 25, 2006

I am trying to decide between two kinds of professional carpet cleaners--steam cleaners or zero rez carpet cleaners. Has anyone had experience with zero rez cleaners? I did a "search" on the forum and came up with nothing.

In the past I've used both Coit and Chem Dry and was NOT impressed with either. I don't have the time, energy or strength to rent/buy a cleaner and do it myself!

My hesitation with steam cleaning is the length of time it takes to dry (this is our rainy/cold season). I can't wait for warmer/dryer weather because we are wrapping up a kitchen remodel and even with protection, the carpet still got dirty!

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Zero Rez asked me write feedback here because I have used their carpet cleaning service several times. I live in Minneapolis and have always received great service. The carpet is never crunchy and I feel good using them because I have pets. Zero Rez is a green cleaning company and my dogs are on the carpet all day.

I have always had great results with Zero Rez and highly reccomend their services.

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Yes, loved them. Best yet and I would use them again

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To most of us, using zero res carpet cleaning might be one closer approach to a greener home. Greener home means healthier you. This impacts a lot for your kids too since they will be living for many more decades ahead. In fact we will too. Many residential homes have started to use zero res carpet cleaning, while a part of others are just starting. Never mind, as long as you realize the benefits zero res carpet cleaning provides.

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Yes I think they are the best. I heard from someone that there is not a zerorez in Bellevue anymore. Hope that is not true.

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I am cleaning my carpets this morning. Do I have Company coming?
Noooo! I just want Denver to have shiny new floors and carpets so he can make them dirty all over again. Am I addicted or what.
If that does not convince you how's this. Hubby and I have 11 weeks combined vacation time. Exotic vacation coming up? Nooooo!!!
We will take them seperate so we can take turns being home with Denver.
Oh we are going to take a week or two to go to our local Island area with beaches galore, BUT only if the Motel allows dogs.LOL
I can not wait to hear all of your stories on this subject.LOL

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My pet always create a problem when it sleeps on carpet and do urine on it which overall results in stains all around.
I have tried various cleaning methods but not got good results and still facing the same problems of stains.
suggestions are welcome if anyone know a stain remover.

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