getting home ready for the holidays?

scottygirl23November 8, 2009

Is anyone else overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning necessary to get your house ready for the holidays? (especially if you have visitors!) I can barely keep track of all the things that need to be done, and definitely can't find time for all of them! I found this article from Scott Common Sense helpful -- it has a good preliminary checklist for holiday cleaning. I'd like to hear from you guys though - what things are you doing to get your home holiday-ready?

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I think it depends on what you're planning. Is it a dinner for 6 or 20; a buffet for the neighborhood; a house-warming drop in thing or overnight guests with all the food and entertaining for several days. Clean and decorate those rooms that will be used; don't worry about the other rooms. Decorate to make yourself and family happy; don't worry about others' reactions. Keep your economical situation in focus. It's about warmth and bringing together family and friends without pretension and celebrating the holiday appropriately.
Some years I don't bother with a tree (inside). We often have a nature inspired tree on the front porch. It doesn't take up space inside; it's fun for everyone outside; and the dog isn't dumping it over. I have a display tree stand that I use to show family ornaments. Festive ribbons around your usual decorations or added to your kitchen cabinet tops or fireplace area sometimes adds a very uplifting feel to your everyday decor without extra expense. Rechargeable or battery lights are easy to decorate with and don't add the extra burden of candles or electric connections.
This year, we're keeping it simple with our usual candles in the windows; battery lit wreaths outside, etc. Good food; good friends and more charity donations.

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Scottygirl23 - welcome to Gardenweb. It's not a good idea to post a link to your employer's website on your first post here.

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