Help with Birthday gift for Grandma!!!

netshoundAugust 1, 2006

OK, here's the thing...I am having the hardest time trying to figure out what my 2 1/2 year old daughter can give her Grandma. Here's the jist of it: She does'nt have any hobbies, she does'nt collect anything, they live in an apartment and decorating is NOT anything she is interested in. My husband and I over the years have given her birthday and Christmas gifts that once they are unwrapped...we never see them again! I joke that when she is gone we are going to find everything we have given her thru the years tucked away in her closet! I want to give her something small from her Grandaughter. Any suggestions? She does'nt wear jewlery, or at least we have'nt seen her wear any of the stuff we have given her! She has enough perfume, I just am at a loss. The woman has no interests!! She works and comes home to her apartment. What can I get her from my DD? Any help to stop this insanity would be appreciated. I'm at a loss!!

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What about a calendar that has photos of your child on it? If you go to Wal-Mart or a specialty camera shop they have calendars or aprons or something that has a photo on it. Walgreens also has it.

Or could use trace your daughters hand on a piece of cloth and make a hot pad or something that could be hung?

How about a coupon for a massage? Maybe put it in a homemade card. Good luck.

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Great idea's! Thanks! She is next to impossible to buy for. I actually thought of maybe framing a peice of the art work my DD made at daycare into a 5x7 frame and giving it to her. I thought maybe she would enjoy displaying that for awhile. What do you think?

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Grandma's can be hard to buy for. Mine sure was. We bought tons of 'stuff' for her over the years. She in later years said just give me something I don't have to feed, walk, dust or worry about keeping safe. And I don't like perfume or clothing that needs dry cleaned. We found she didn't like shirts that went over her head or slippers. We started to give her cookies and dried fruit and candy (which she loved to share with the little kids) We gave her calenders and photos and anything home made she loved. I found out later she just loved the jams I made and only brought them out with guests so she could say her granddaughter made it. She loved an old lumpy pillow my cousin made her when she was ten. And another cousin made her a horrible drawing that she framed and hung over her bed. My sister made her some bread once and again she froze it and served it to guests for a year. My son made her a cutting board one year, she never used it as a cutting board, she didn't want to muss it up, but showed everyone the wonderfull board when ever she had company. At time time of her death we all found the homemade stuff in her home but the other expensive stuff was missing or stuffed in a box. Except the bottle of really yukky bubble bath one of my cousins gave her as a child. She knew he worked a week of mowing lawns etc. to earn it.

Maybe the framed art work isn't such a bad idea if could be taken to copy plase and shrunk down to make fidge magents or a keychain or something. I love the idea of a photo on a sweat shirt or tote bag. Maybe fill the bag with her favorite coffee or cookies or ????

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Some of the things we made when my girls were young included painting their hands and making prints on placemats, pot holders and pillows. Also photo transfer to fabric to make Christmas stockings, eye glass cases or tissue covers. Now that we have a grandson making gifts for great and great-great grandma we have started all over again.

For Christmas last year we got them a digital photo frame that does a slide show. We just add pictures to the show for birthdays and Christmas. Who can resist a photo of a little face?


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I'm a Grandma and don't like a lot of stuff because I live in a single wide mobile home. No room. I'm at the point in my life where I give everything away to be sure it goes to the right home so don't want more memorabilia that someone else has to worry about when THAT TIME comes. I like getting a framed pic of my family. Prefer to hang it and prefer it small. And since I've worn out my mug (it's worn down to the ironstone) I need a new one that says Grandma. Gift cards are the best, and yes, I buy everything including groceries at Walmart. I've become a person of simple means in my advancing years. If you leave near Grandma, maybe she would enjoy dinner out.

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One year, I made both of my grandmas "pamper yourself" kits. I sent a little note that said, "The holidays can be stressful, so pamper yourself!" I included gourmet chocolates, hot cocoa mixes, some special bath beads...stuff like that. I actually sent the present before Christmas so they could enjoy it over the course of their holiday preparations. One of my grandmas is the most thoughtful gift giver...she has 15 grand children and she runs all over town buying presents, so I thought she could really use some things to just pamper herself a bit.

Last year, I made both of my grandmas "movie night" gift baskets. I found a big plastic tub that said "popcorn" on it (very cute!) and filled it with a couple of DVDs and some movie goodies--some microwave popcorn packs and few candies. One of my grandmas spends lots of time with little ones, so I sent her both of the Shrek movies. My other grandma LOVES "murder she wrote" so I sent her the complete first season on DVD.

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Have the same problem with mil. Found that a book of postage stamps, a new pen, box of envelopes suits her just fine. Also new gloves, scarf that matched her coat, home made cookies or a ride to store (she doesn't drive) was much appreciated.

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Someone recommended I try to make a memory gift book for my grandma. Looks like a great idea as I've got siblings spread all over the US, and the site allows you to invite anyone from anywhere to contribute with their memories, wishes, etc. You can even add photos. Then download and print it or have them do it, bind it, and ship it to you.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have been working on my family tree this past year and a half and bemoaning the fact that I didn't have an interest earlier in my life. I could kick myself for not asking questions of my grandparents before they died. So this year I'm hiring a person that specializes in interviewing people to obtain their life stories, to do this with my mother - she is 85. If you can't afford to hire someone, perhaps simply dedicating time to do this yourself. It is a wonderful gift that our parents/grandparents can give to us when they feel that they are at a time that they don't need more 'things'. I'm really excited about doing this for my mom....and she for us.

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A few years ago when I was working with seniors one 96 yr old, who had plenty of grandchildren told them to buy her toilet tissue, papertowels, etc. All those everyday things add up and on a seniors budget and a small living area it meant more to her then things she could not use or did not need. A basket of her favorite everyday hand soaps, body washes, new facecloths, shampoo, toothbrushes, deodorant and such would fill the bill and help her out without her feeling like she was getting a handout. Even some laundry detergent if she does her own is expensive and would help. Add some dryer sheets or fabric softener, stain removers, bleach, scouring pads, new dishcloths and towels and you have another basket. Can you tell I love doing up baskets.

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