Turtles and Turquoise Table

christmascandyAugust 19, 2011

I didn't really have anything to use for the CP for this table, so I used some turtles from my garden since they both start with tur, Lol

The linens, plates, candles, margarita glasses, and flatware are all TS treasures. The chargers are more of the HL after holiday clearance, and the turtles are so old I don't remember, but I think the large one was Big Lots. The silver candlesticks are vintage and the small colored seashells I used as confetti, are from a necklace I bought at Marineland in the mid 60's.

A candyshot:

The silver napkin rings are heirloom, The floral plates and bowls are Gibson with turquoise and orange flowers around the rims.

The large plates on the chargers are a heavy glass with a sculpted bottom. They look very much like wavy water.



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Hey, candy, you forgot one thing on this table! ... a Tureen! LOL!

Love the colors & both the salad & dinnerplate! So darn pretty!!! Think it's a popular color this yr! Doggone it, you could have used my 'winking cups' w/this, too!

Your linens are beautiful & wonderful TS finds! (as all of your TS finds seem to be!) And confetti with colors & shapes = 'turrific' idea! That turtle, too...love him!

You certainly create a good 'turnover' for Thrift Shops's! LOL! TFS this fun table & if you tire of it, just 'turn-around' & send it to me! Jeanne S.

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LOL Jeanne, I guess I could have used a Turkey or turnips too! But, they aren't the right colors. Nor did any of my current tureens have the right colors to use on this table.
You are one clever punster.
It sure would be fun if we were close enough to share our items with one another. Imagine the possibilites!!
Although, as I shared with Kath, if we were all close enough to shop together, we might quarrel over who saw it first, LOL.


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LOL, Candy, you sure had Jeanne on a roll. I'm still grinning over her post.

And who'd have thought of a "TUR Table"...that's some imagination you have! I love it.

hugs, Karen

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Candy, Your "turble" is soooo cute! I love the colors and patterns you chose for this delightful table. The TS dishes are pretty and would look nice in many different settings. Please send me the wavy glass plates ASAP.
Using the turtles for your centerpiece was genius.
It would be fun to share each others things!
The possibilities are endless.

I'll be smiling all day thinking of this table and all the puns it inspired! Thanks so much for sharing


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Candy, this table is great. You have more neat chargers that are calling to me...and the large plates are perfect on here. The flowered dishes are so pretty and love the linnens to match. Silver is always so pretty with turquoise and looks nice.

You and Jeanne had fun with this one while entertaining us too! The turtles look right at home on this setting. You are one clever lady to use them.


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Candy... - Love the TUR-Table!
I think you and Jeanne would be 'dangerous' together !... In a Good Way - lol
I love the color combinations you used here.
Your dishes and silver accessories are
soooo petty together. Great Chargers too. I agree w/Punk, you seem to have so many and all go perfectly with ea table. Cute Turtles too.

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Candy, you have really done it now. Turquoise was never my favorite color, reminded me of my first MILs livingroom paint color LOL... but I have to eat crow on this one....it is "TUR-rific" The linens, silver and the dishes go together so well. Janet

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Marlene Kindred

LOVE this color scheme! Everything looks so pretty....you find the neatest things in TS! I can never find such pretty plates and flatwear...guess that's one of the first things to go. Anyway...love the plates and your turtle looks right at home as the CP!

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I love the way your mind works! You had turquoise and wanted something else "Tur" to go with it! Fabulous thinking outside the box, gal!

Like Nana,I love the wavy plates too. They look "textured" are they?

This tablescape would make a perfect setting for a garden party--you are very creative. And I am so jealous that you find such pretty tablecloths at the ts.

Jeanne, all your "puns" were so funny--had me laughing out loud. ;o)


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You could have used a TUR key too! LOL
Love the turtle and turquoise. Just lovely!

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