Adding Roosters to the 'Holiday Coop' !

slinkeyAugust 27, 2012

I can't believe that I haven't posted anything since my foot surgery back in March. I wrote on someone's post that I felt like a lump for not doing anything.

Well after seeing Punk's and Nana's Rooster Tscapes and Decor, I thought I should post these pics before the Summer is completely over!

I decorated my little white hutch back in June with a Rooster Theme...seems I've started finding ones I couldn't resist.

Hope you don't mind me adding my Roosters to 'The Holiday Coop'!

Most of what you see is from GW - Estate Sales and Flea Mkts....

The Large Rooster Plates from HG last yr $2 ea... Barnyard Plates $1.00 ea, are from GW a couple of yrs ago. The Rooster Plates (I love them)... I got in May from GW $.50 ea along with several odds and ends Rooster pieces that started me on this theme.

Rooster Tureen was a gift from a friend several yrs ago...

Lg Rooster $5 - Flea...

Lg White S&Ps...Cannon Falls $5..

Punk...these are the S&Ps that I think 'we share!! lol

I got these at a Memorial Day Flea $5...

And this 'Little Family' I couldn't resist $3..same Flea

Found this 'Rooster Top' at GW $.50..I just placed it over a bowl..the colorful little Rooster is from TS.

There must have been something in the 'air' for several of us to go with Roosters this Summer...hope you didn't mind

me sharing mine.



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Jane, that is just beautiful! I love how the red stands out on the little white hutch, plus you have some wonderful rooster pieces. I never tire of seeing rooster anything and think they look so appealing in decor. I always would see a lot of them on blogs, so I know many gals feel the same way. I got mine back out recently and put on kitchen counter, they have to disappear for holidays. But I'm always glad to get them back where they belong. I've managed to keep my addiction to collecting roosters under control, tho ONLY because I have a small kitchen. LOL.

I'm so glad you shared this with us. I love it!!
hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

Cock-a-doodle-do!! What a great assortment of roosters and "roosterware" you have! LOVE the plates with the roosters in the center and gingham check edging. The colors look wonderful in your hutch. Glad you posted...we've missed you!

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Ditto to what everyone else said.
The red gingham rooster plates are my fav!!
I have a couple of rooster vignettes too! One includes a rooster picture I made out of corn and beans when I was a kid visitng my DGP's farm. My DGM helped me to dye the corn to get the colors I wanted and was very patient with the mess I made gluing the pieces onto the piece of cardboard I used for the backing.

So for me, I have liked roosters for decades!! Except for the real-life mean one that used to chase my brother and me when we went back to visit our grandparents. Granddad solved that problem very quickly! He made each of us a little whip and when we would leave the fenced yard and the rooster came after us, we would whip him! He learned pretty quickly to leave us alone after a few lashes with those whips! LOL

I'm also lovin all the white pieces you mixed in to set off the beautiful colors. This is lovely and I really enjoyed seeing it, even if it did take a while to get posted!
That hutch is so perfect for that wall where you have it located! Did you have it made for that spot or did it just fit when you bought it?


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"The sky is falling"...cries Henny Penny...NO, nothing's 'afowl'...slinkeyjane is back! Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Ok, got that out of my system, jane! Oh, it's always just so great to see your posts! The white hutch is a perfect bkgrd for all these 'cheery' roosters! What bargains $$ you have found! I, too, am lovin' the red gingham rooster plates esp! & displayed w/all your wonderful white pottery pcs is perfect! Colorful placements work great!

I'm the other 'lump,' jane ...after reading that on another post...& intend to do a t'scape of Roosters also! I just bought a wonderful rooster cake mold at TJMaxx last wk! Maybe my Fall buffet will be roosters! LOL!

Thanks, jane...this is so pretty! Makes me smile! Jeanne S.

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Gee thank you all for such lovely comments.
It's good to be back even with all I'm faced with in getting this house in shape for viewing...Posting again
is 'good therapy'!

Karen..I can understand how you feel about your Rooster collection. I used to have a large Rooster collection yrs ago and was sorry I got rid of them. Seems I've been slowly finding ones again that I can't resist having.

Thanks Marlene..You made me smile with your 'missed you' comment. It felt good to finally post again.

Candy...hilarious story about the 'mean rooster'! I guess your wise DGD knew how to solve the problem with 'the whip'!
DH made the white hutch when I lived in my old house. It was maple with glass doors. After many years that way, I removed the doors and antiqued it with a white wash. I was lucky with that wall being just the right fit for it.

Jeanne...'HennyPenny' one of my favorite stories as a little girl and you made ME smile mentioning that!
I seem to remember someone else here having those gingham plates and fell in love with them...When I saw them at HG I snapped up the 4 that were left.
Now Jeanne...if I can come out of 'lumpdom' can you!! I'll be looking forward to seeing your porch again - (I love) and your Rooster scape this Fall!

Thanks again ladies..

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Your roosters look wonderful in your little white hutch.
You have such a nice variety of them.
The mama hen with her little chicks is adorable.
I'm so glad you are back sharing your treasures with us.

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Thank you nana...
Both you & Punk inspired me with your pretty Roosters to post these pictures.
I'm glad you enjoyed them.


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Jane, what a Wonderful Rooster collection! I am so suprised your friend found a Rooster Tureen for you years ago. I love it that you have both white and colored, sure gives a nice show. I can see why you chose a 'Rooster Theme' for this summer with so many neat pieces and sets.

You have everything displayed so beautifully. I'm sure we have a match too. Seeing all of your displays makes me think I should come and help you pack when you move! This is what keeps me from reflooring. I keep thinking it would be easier to rebuild and move but DH isn't thinking the same yet.

Sooooo happy you are sharing pictures again! You are such an inspiration for all of us.

Karen, hope you will share your Rooster pics with us before all the fall goes up.hint hint

Thanks again, Jane. Oh, I forgot to ask if that is your neat black Jeep in your last post. I can see cute little you cruising around in that and turning heads!LOL


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PUNK!!! I'm so happy to see you here...I was just thinking
the other day of posting my concerns over your where abouts. You've been missed.
You must have been really - really busy...(more than you usually are) ! lol
Glad you liked my Rooster Display. I told Nana that the two of you really put a fire under me to post my pictures before it was too late. Thanks!
That cute litte Jeep out there is DD's. I took the pictures way before she moved. I have a Jeep too, but it's a Black Caravan. I do love the size of hers tho.
Hope to see more of you can continue to inspire
'me' !!

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Jane, I was at the fair the past week so fell behind here. Alot going on in my world lately. So much to take care of and right now I'm just tired. This energizer bunny's batteries are ready for a Charge!LOL We talked to some of our friends at the fair and they have never been to Las Vegas. So the four of us are planning a trip to Vegas next spring. We haven't been on a trip together for 9 years and we decided it's time!

My DF's haven't been feeling well so I've been helping them clean and paint. However, she just brought 5 qts of fresh canned tomatoes and fresh peaches to me today at the office. She uses tomato juice to add to the tomatoes instead of water and they are sooo good! They also did a phone run to our other office for me which saved me an hour of running. They are just the sweetest people and I love them so much.

Tell DD I love her jeep and I bet she looks good in it! They had the new Jeeps set up across from us at the fair. I didn't look close cuz I was lucky and found another set of new chrome wheels and tires to fit my escalade a few weeks ago at a ys. The guy bought them two months prior and then decided to marry a gal with 5 kids. He thought the money would be put to good use so decided to sell them for $500.

Dishes are calling so best get to it. So glad to have you back posting!!!


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Jane, I meant to tell you I went to eBay to see about the lovely gingham rooster plates. I was going to get ONE since I have a few special rooster plates I display in the kitchen. Would you believe they are $20 EACH, plus $10 to ship!! No way for eBay. LOL.

Punk, I'll post photos of my roosters. I'll probably leave them out for Fall anyway since the turkey stuff doesn't come out till after Halloween is over.

hugs, Karen

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