Sealed burners with Propane

eandhlMay 17, 2008

To anyone with a range with sealed burners on Propane. How much flame height adjustment do you see when turning from the high position?

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Kind of a moot ??? Not really dependant on propane or gas, but more on cooktop/burner design.

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antss, are you saying some cooktop/range designs will have more control of the flame height than others and it will have nothing to do with Natural gas vs Propane?

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i have a Viking range with sealed burners (less than 1 year old) converted to run on propane. What exactly is your question? "how much flame height adjustment do you see.." what does that mean??

the hight of the flame?? it depends on how high you set the cooktop (simmer is a few millimeters high, high is maybe 50mm in hight, but the flame height is also modified by the pot you place above the flame, and the depth of the grate over the flame.

what exactly is your question??

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I think fuel type (LP vs natural), should have little difference. I am not as familiar with sealed and antss is correct that model/type/configuration will all have different results.

But to answer what I perceive is exactly your question, the flame should range from a very low nodule of flame, maybe 1/8 to 3/16 inch almost little oblong ball to the maximum height that gives a well formed flame with a pointed tip and little or no constant white or yellow color nor any lifting of the flame from the burner. On my Bluestar, I would think (not home right now) the absolute highest would be what heartsurgeon suggests or about 2 inches (50mm), total height but no more than that and likely a bit less. I have a run of the mill residential propane unit with sealed burners in a lodge/camp house and, if memory serves me, the flame height range is roughly what I stated above on my Bluestar on low and maybe 1 inch in height on high.

Hope that helps.

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Sorry I didn't explain myself very well. I see minimal decrease in the height of the flame from high to below medium on my DCS. If one listens carefully you do hear a difference. It is a stacked burner and the simmer is really low and excellent. I was told this is how it works with propane, the amt of BTU's is less even if you don't see a decrease in the height of the flame.

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That's right, it's burner design. If you shop around many manuf. give specs for their tops with both gas and propane. Propane actually produces slightly more BTU on a given top over gas. But, this has nothing to do with flame height. Which do you think is hotter: The 3" long flame my fire place lighter produces or the 1.5" one that my blowtorch does?

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"Propane actually produces slightly more BTU on a given top over gas."

Please show me an example? 9/10 I have seen lose power and 1/10 claim same power. I have never seen one gain BTU rating.

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Given equal volumes of Propane and NG, the Propane will produce more BTU's. That being said a Propane burner will be rated at less than NG. I have a GE Monogram which is the exact burner on your DCS. DCS made them for GE. The burners only lose from 17,500 BTU for NG to 15,000 for Propane. No there is not much visible difference from X-HI to HI to about halfway to low, but the flame does change as does the heat output. To test this use 3 (or 4 or 5 etc) pots of equal volumes of water, Put each burner on a different setting and see how long the water takes to boil. These burners are great, but I did take some time getting used to how they function. Now that I am familiar with them, I like them even better. I learned not to look so much at the flame but watch closely what is going on in my cooking vessel. Just use your knob to change what is happening in your pan, rather than the look of the flame.

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atinga, Thanks for info. Watching what is going on in the pan is what is working since I have minimal decrease in the flame size until I get closer to low. It is reassuring to hear from a customer that is using the burners vs hearing it from the company. I am new to gas cooking.

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If I'm not mistaken, you're only losing BTU because of a conversion kit used to convert from NG to LP. If the range is built from the factory to run LP without the need for a conversion kit, you don't lose anything.

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I was never referring to the BTU loss from Propane. I only questioned why so little flame reduction with turning the burner down. Believe me the DCS has more heat output than I could ever use with my type of cooking.

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