Best Vacuum for Cleaning Travertine Floors

jnineazNovember 25, 2007

Which vacuum or type of vacuum do you recommend to clean 1300 sq ft of travertine floors? I am looking for the best way that won't scratch the travertine...can't really use a mop or broom - I need something with suction because the edges of the travertine are chiseled so there are lots of areas where crumbs and other dirt have gotten "stuck" in the cracks. Thanks for your input!

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Any cannister vac with a bristle brush attachment would do what you want to do. I use that type of attachment on my kitchen tile with my central vac and it is great.

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We have a Rainbow E2 vacuum and my housekeepers swear by it. I think you could probably get away with any good quality canister with a stiff bristle brush.


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I clean houses and for weekly cleaning instead of pulling out that big bulky machine i use a electric sweeper you can purchase for around $20 it's a Bissell 3 way bagless. You can pick it up at walmart. It gets in corners really well.

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