Modernaire owners: TKO question

cottonpennyMay 27, 2012

What color temperature are the halogen lights on the hood?

I'm getting under-cabinet lights and there's a choice of bright white or soft white. Are the Modernaire lights closer to incandescent or are they more daylight-y?


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I've got 6 on my 42" & they are BRIGHT, dimmable though. I don't think soft white would apply here.

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Thanks ratfinger! So they are more white than yellow and would match better w daylight balanced LCD ucls than ones meant to imitate incandescents?

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Don't know if this will helop but it says on the bulb


And i think it also says "Industrial" they seem to be the maker

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We have few ModernAire hoods in the store, I recently replaced a bulb with the following

Philips "Halogena" 50W Bright, White Light.

Brightness is 545 lumens.

Got these from Home Depot.

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