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lavender_lassApril 28, 2012

I know some of you have seen MANY versions of my farmhouse plan, and if you've given up on the project, please don't read any further.

For those who still don't mind another version...this is the result of some excellent ideas by Summerfield. I've always thought the kitchen would be wonderful in the 1950s addition, with the floor to ceiling brick fireplace, with raised hearth...and views of the back pasture. But, I could never figure out how to make the rest of the spaces work, so continued to put the kitchen in the original space.

When Summerfield suggested the master bedroom in the front of the house...I wasn't so sure, but when later the big back living room was in a all just clicked. So, here is the 'cut and tape' version, which is not nearly as nice as a Summerfield original, but I hope it's clear enough to read.

The dimensions of the kitchen work area are 18' x 13' and the dining/keeping space is 18' x 14'. The living room is 21'x 16' and the master bedroom is about 12' x 16'. The sunporch is 10' x 18' and the study is about 13' x 12'. Thanks for taking the time to give this one more look, for all those who haven't been following my other post. For those that have...thank you SO much for all the great input and suggestions.

Hopefully, Summerfield will see this and polish the rough edges, but if's still the best plan we've ever done, IMHO. Hopefully we'll finish cleaning out the house this summer and be able to start demo this fall or next spring. We'll be doing the project in stages (it's a hobby and an adventure LOL) but seriously, this will be a long term project, so I really wanted to know we had the right plan :) From Farmhouse plans

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ll ...

above the master suite wardrobe , what is left-to-right on the passageway wall ??

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Bookcases...I thought I'd put some storage on that wall :)

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Summerfield- I went over and checked some of the measurements (now that my gardening stuff is out of the way) and I have the dining room measurements backwards! Everything was good, except the dining room. It's 12' across and 13' deep. I don't know how I got those mixed up, but I must have done it a long time ago. So, the master bedroom in the plan is 12' across...still plenty of room for the bed and a dresser :)

The kitchen is still 10' deep (where the master closet is in the plan). So, that area (without the wall) should be 12' x 23' MOL. Sorry about the mix-up, but it's nice to be getting things out of the farmhouse!

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OT, Summerfield, if you check in here again, would you take a look at my post here and tell me what you think about making the patio into a private courtyard? Thanks!

Thanks for the heads up, LL.

I just have one question about this plan, because I can't remember which side your garage is on, how far will you have to carry groceries with the kitchen on this side?

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Hi, Marti!

The garage will be on the left side of the house, with parking on the left (towards the front) side. When we're unloading groceries we can go through the mudroom for pantry/freezer, or in the front door for kitchen/fridge stuff.

Best of luck on the courtyard! It's going to be a great feature, once you figure out how you want to add it onto the house :)

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unsure of your plans for the roof , but here you are ...

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I would put the master wardrobe door on the left wall opening in(most likely always open). That way you have another whole wall in the master bed room. This way you could put a chair/ table there.

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Peyton- Thank you for the suggestion!

Summerfield- Wow! It looks so much better, than my cut and tape...thank you so much for drawing this up! :)

I probably do need closet space, but I want to keep the dining room more open to the entry. I do like the shelves on each side of the window seat! Maybe take out the big desk area and just have 4' or so, for a small desk...just enough for a laptop or to write a note...we still have all the office space, next door and in the study. I was thinking something like this... From Farmhouse plans

And I've decided to keep the kitchen island a wood/butcherblock countertop, but I will be putting marble next to the wall oven, just for baking. I'm trying to use more freestanding pieces, especially in the keeping room, so it looks a bit more collected. I was thinking something like this for the kitchen island...with the drawers facing the sink area and stools on the other side. From Fairy tale cottage

The living room is wonderful! I really like the seating arrangement and the size...and the woodstove will work very well, in there.

In the master bedroom, I like the bay window seat, but I think it should be a bit smaller. Then, we could put a chair in the corner, between the dresser and the window seat.

The master bathroom is so nice! The only thing I would change is to put a pocket door on the toilet we could close it when necessary, but not have the door swinging towards the tub.

The big linen cabinet is great, but the hall bathroom sink is a bit small. Maybe use the linen space to make the sink a bit bigger and I can put the linen, where you have the brooms closet. A smaller broom closet by the freezer would work fine.

I like the window, over the sink in the laundry room! So much better than what I had. I think if the broom closet was across from it, then the freezer could move over a bit and have more counterspace in the kitty area. I might put one bank of drawers by the freezer, then the kitty area. The little kitty door is perfect!

The study...I really like the built-in cabinets with books and TV, but I don't think we need the closets. If we do make it a bedroom in the future, we can get an armoire, but I'd rather have the flexibility to bring in more file cabinets and move the furniture around, for now.

In the mudroom, I like the tall cabinets, but I think the one facing the front (same wall as sink window) would be better as a countertop with upper cabinets. Someplace to set down tools and other things, as we walk in.

As for the rooflines, I thought we'd extend the same roof direction over the living room that is over the two story section, then a gable running perpendicular for the bathroom/study the one over the kitchen/keeping room. Maybe another one (smaller) for the mudroom/porch area. As for the hot tub...I don't know if that will work for the screened porch, so I'm still open to suggestions! :)

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I forgot the vestibule. Where there is a table, I'd rather have a shallow bench, with hooks above. Just enough room to sit and take off boots (and store them underneath) when people stop by. Under the window (oops, there was once a window facing the pergola) I'd like a small bookcase, just the 3' tall, 10" deep kind. Great for setting down keys and things on top, but a wonderful place to store library books. My mom has done that for years! It keeps all the books together, nothing gets misplaced and easy to remember to take them with you, when it's time to return them :)

Oh, and it's probably one step down (maybe two) from the front door, so I don't think we'll need the larger porch area. The pergola can just be over a small patio area, for the swing and a few chairs. Same depth as the vestibule will be fine. Great place to grow wisteria!

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Summerfield- Do you think the roof lines would work, if we didn't screen the hot tub area? Just left that an open deck space? Maybe have lattice below the railing and a little gate, at the top of the stairs? It won't keep the barn kitties out, but it might slow down the skunks and porcupines. Usually if there's no food, the racoons (who could easily climb over) lose interest and move on to another area.

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Summerfield - really great job in pulling it all together, it looks fantastic!

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Summerfield- It looks amazing! :)

I like the walk-in closet door moved (thanks, Peyton!) it looks so much better...but maybe a pocket door, instead? And, do you think the hall bath should have a high window, over the tub/shower?

Everything else looks wonderful...I'm just not sure about the front closet. We don't use one now and with the bench/hooks in the vestibule, I don't think we'd need it. I was thinking something like this. We could put in the bay window (which would bring in more light) but may not look as good with the pergola. Do you think the pergola would look better on the back?

Also, the big window is centered on the inside of the room, allowing for the raised hearth, so it's probably a foot or so, towards the entry. Do you think something like this would work? From Farmhouse plans

Thank you so much for all the work on the farmhouse plan! It's so exciting to actually have the kitchen/keeping room in this space. It just never seemed like an option, until now!

Laura- I agree! Summerfield always does a fantastic job of pulling everything together, in a beautiful plan :)

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Isn't that Summerfield amazing?!?!?!?!?

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Phoggie- Yes, indeed :)

Well, I was really off! I just went over and measured the front window (I never really worried about it, when it was the living room) and there's 3'6" between the entry and the window, an 8' window and then 6'6" to the corner, by the fireplace. I guess I could put in a narrower hutch, but we could have some glass uppers, by the wall oven and have dishes there, too!

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I found the desk picture, I was trying to find this morning. I knew I'd seen one with more storage, but still not heavy looking...and just bring up a chair from the table, when you need it. From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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Well, here's the plan, with a few changes...including the front window...with the right measurements. I want the dining/keeping room to feel less built-in and more 'collected' pieces, over time. So, with the window now in the right spot, I put a freestanding bench. The desk is like the one above, but a chair from the table can be brought over, when needed. The table is now centered on the window, which I think looks better, and gives the chairs and ottoman a bit more room.

In the kitchen, I did make a few changes...since I want to show this to the kitchen forum, eventually. The island is 4' from the sink and the overall dimension is 6' x 3'6". The range is now a bit bigger, too...maybe 36" or 48" depending on what we find.

In the vestibule, I did add the little window on the pergola side, with the bookcase in front of it...and if there's room, a small bench with hooks.

In the master bedroom, there is now a smaller bay window with bookcases on each side (this will be a built-in) and a window seat. Hopefully, the smaller bay window (not as deep) will be a little less expensive, too. I also took out the little window, behind the chair...and changed the walk-in closet door to a pocket door.

The hall bath now has a high window, over the tub/shower and a shower curtain rather than a door.

I think that's everything...except the hot tub area is now an open deck (no roof) and the pergola is only as deep as the vestibule. No extra porch area, since the vestibule is only a step or so above the lawn and there will be a small patio, under the pergola.

Summerfield- Do you think these changes (especially the hot tub area) will make the roof lines any better? If not, what would you suggest?

Thank you so much for all your help and support in this endeavor...and thank you to all the other GWers, who have given me so much valuable input and encouragement :) From Farmhouse plans

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LL, will you still park over by the mudroom when you bring home the groceries, or will you have the option of parking by the right hand porch? (Farms... you can park anywhere!) Just wondering about your grocery haul.

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I like this new plan. The more I think about it, I like that the master is nearer the back door. My dh would like being able to get dressed and slip out without having to walk all over the house. And the rest of us appreciate that too. *grin*

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Kirkhall- We will be parking on the left side of the house...probably towards the front left, so we can go in the mudroom with freezer/pantry stuff and in the front door with fridge/kitchen stuff. I like having the two doors on the front. It's different than before, but very handy!

Marti- LOL! That's a good point :)

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I just realized...having the bathrooms in this area, will make it much easier to add a little bath upstairs, if we need it, in the future.

And, the fridge/microwave/snack area, is right by the living room! I really like this plan :)

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Summerfield- Do you think a pergola over the hot tub, might work? It would follow the roof line, but would be easier to extend past the study. And, we could add some lattice to the left (west) side, just by the hot tub, to have some privacy from our only neighbors.

I've been looking at Marti's post and I really like all the ideas on it. And, it would tie in with the pergola in front. Do you think this is a good idea?

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What does your roofline look like in back LL? Will part of the back deck be under roof except the hot tub part? A pergola would be nice over a hot tub, and then you could put a curtain across if you needed privacy or sun block.

Duh! That's what I could do too. Should have thought of that before.

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Marti- LOL! That is a good idea...but I do that all the time. It's so much easier to see a solution to someone else's problem, than your own :)

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Summerfield- Can we move the wall, between the laundry and mudroom, so that it's even with the study wall? Then, I'd like to move the washer and dryer to the space, where we have the counter and cabinets, in the mudroom. Where we have the tall cabinets, I'd like to have the broom closet, with countertop/upper cabinets...and undercounter hampers. The broom closet would be almost in the same space, just on the other side of the wall.

The sink, with small window will (hopefully) still fit, with some counterspace next to it. More upper cabinets between the sink and pocket door, for extra storage.

It probably doesn't make much sense to anyone else, to move the laundry...but I think it will be much easier with the kitties to have the laundry in the mudroom...and their boxes in the other room. Also, this keeps the undercounter hamper (across from the laundry) away from the kitties! And, the dryer can vent right out through the wall. Also, noisy washer (which we always seem to have, no matter what brand we buy) will not be translated down the hall, into the living room :)

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LL~~What would we do without Summerfield?....between the two of us, she has a full time job....and she does it so well :-)

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LL, it might be easier with the kitties, but with your mudroom being the main entrance, the floor will probably always be a bit dusty, gritty, etc. What with wind blowing in dust and people tracking in mud and stuff. I am always dropping laundry on the floor when I pull it out of the washer or dryer and wouldn't want it falling on onto the floor anywhere near the back door.

I know your laundry area in the above plan is just a few feet further in, but that's a few feet after shoes are kicked off.

Just my thoughts, your experiences may be totally different.

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Marti- Good point, but our main entry will probably be the front. We usually go out the front, to get to the gardens and the office (where we live now). And, company would usually come in the front door, too. The mudroom would be more for bringing in groceries (depending on where we end up parking) and going out to feed the hoses...and using the hot tub.

The laundry is in the mudroom now and there are good and bad thing about that. I like that it's quieter with the door closed, the kitties can't get into the laundry baskets or the detergents...and it's great if you have to throw muddy clothes, into the washer. The not so husband (and sometimes me LOL) end up putting the small tools, on top of the dryer. I'm hoping that a counter (just for tools) and more cabinet space, will keep the dryer a bit less cluttered :)

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Phoggie- Sorry, I missed your response. You are so right! LOL We would be lost without Summerfield...and your plan is just wonderful! :)

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I've come to the realization that while I like some doesn't really exist in the area we'd like to use for the kitchen/dining area. There's 5' on the left side of the fireplace and 3' on the right. The front window has 3'6" on the right side (as you look at it from the table) and 6'6" on the account for the fireplace. So, the window looks balanced in the room, but will not look balanced with the kitchen window.

So, that...and concerns that my husband and I may be bumping into each other, when we're both cooking...has me wondering if I should change the design a bit. Here's the layout proposed now and the new one. In the second one, the range and main sink are switched and we added a prep sink, to the island. I like this version, but we do lose upper cabinet space. I'd like to have a plate rack (to the right of the range) with mug hooks, below. We could store glasses in the upper cabinets by the oven/microwave. Do you think it's too far from the dishwasher? From Farmhouse plans From Farmhouse plans

And my inspiration picture...which some of you have seen before :) From Farmhouse plans

And Laura Calder's kitchen...with all the windows over the sink. She also has a french door out to a deck (instead of a porch) and it's a great look! From Fairy tale cottage

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Okay, here's what I've come up with...and approximate measurements. I'm hoping I left enough room for space around windows, etc.

Top, from left to right, 18" full height pantry, the fridge (with shelf over), 30" window, 42" range hood over 36" range, 30" window, 36" plate rack and dead space in corner. Turning right, 18" upper cabinet, 5' window, 18" upper cabinet, door to porch. The oven/microwave, an 18" upper cabinet for baking supplies and 3' glass upper for other dishes/display.

The island is 6' x 42" with 4' on each side facing kitchen work areas. There's a prep sink on the island and seating for two. What do you think? From Farmhouse plans

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Here's my attempt at a 'cut and tape' with the changes listed above. Plus, I switched the faucet on the claw foot tub, so sitting in the tub, you'd see the chair/sink, not the toilet. What do you think? From Farmhouse plans

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You had a large pantry/storage area in a previous plan. Now it's gone?

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Dyno- Thanks for the response!

That was a nice pantry area, but it's been moved to various locations. An 18" full height pantry cabinet by the fridge, pantry storage by the vintage sink (in the utility area) and more upper storage, across from it. Also some storage in the mudroom, on either side of the bench.

With this plan, everyday pantry items are by the fridge, while longer term storage, paper products, and pet supplies are in the utility/mudroom areas.

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I'm loving this plan!!! Everything flows so nicely. The only suggestions/things I see to consider -

1) hall closet - I don't see one, but not sure if you need one. (We have one in the new build, and I keep looking at it wondering if I'll use it since we have a huge mudroom, we ended up keeping but only bc we entertain a lot)

2) Maybe a pocket door bn mud and utility area or maybe even no door at all? Also, I assume there's a washer/dryer in there (a little hard to read) :)

3) The only other thing I might do, and I can't remember if I suggested this before, is to put a door from living room to outside. But, that would also depend on what you have there and/or if you think you'll ever go out/come in that way.

It looks so good!!!!!!

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Andi- Thank you! We never would have thought of this layout, if it hadn't been for Summerfield's suggestions. I'm so glad you like it, because your plan is wonderful and I think we like the same type of home :)

I don't think we'll need a hall closet. I do want to switch the table to a bench with hooks, in the vestibule.

We need a door between the utility room and mudroom, to keep the kitties in and the cold out...but I'm planning to have glass on the top half of the door, for more light.

I did move the washer and dryer to the mudroom area, mainly because it's nice to keep the kitties and the laundry separated. Also, the noise of the laundry will be more contained in that area and not heard as easily, in the living room.

We considered a door from the living room to the outside...but for now, decided against it. We wanted to keep it open to the views and not have so much traffic through the room. This way, the mud and snow are contained in areas without carpet! LOL

Living in the country is so funny at first, because it takes a while to get used to the fact that when you open a door in the morning, you might be looking at the view...or into the face of a surprised racoon, porcupine, skunk, deer, etc. Another good reason to have case one runs into the house, rather than away from you :)

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I posted my new kitchen plan, on the kitchen forum...and they like it! Rhome actually said she thinks she loves it! This has never happened and I'm very happy that I finally have a kitchen that 'passed'! LOL

Thank you all for the ideas and suggestions, which made the final kitchen layout possible. Very excited about the new plan :)

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Summerifeld drew up this exterior, which I think is beautiful! With a few changes, I think it would still work, with the new plan. I'm hoping to show this to our contractor, when he comes out next put the permanent base, on our porch steps. It was too wet/snowy, when he was doing our 'truck hitting the house' repairs, so he said he'd have to come back late May/early June, to put in the permanent steps.

Here's the exterior drawing... From Fairy tale cottage

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I'm confused, I thought you couldn't build on the right side of the house - where you now have the sun porch. I thought it was too close to the well.

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Thanks for the response! It's too close to the well for a foundation...for instance, we can't put the bathroom there or the kitchen, but a porch is fine. We just have to be careful how close we dig to the porch supports are okay, 4' deep foundation for pipes,etc...not okay.

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Oh, I would have thought you have to dig footers to support the load bearing walls and those would have to be quite deep because you are in snow country.

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Dekeoboe- Sorry I missed your response. We would have to dig down a bit (we are in snow country) but not for an entire foundation. As I said, this is a porch...whether it ends up screened, glass, both or even a greenhouse would be indoor/outdoor space and not connected to HVAC, plumbing, etc.

Summerfield- If you're still checking on this at all...what do you think about bumping out the front window slightly, for the dining room area? I like this picture and would love to have a window seat there, but don't want it to encroach on the room too much. Just an idea :) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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After spending a bit more time on the kitchen forum...I made a few more changes and this is what I ended up with. Switched the sink and range back again and now have a square island (5' x 5') that should easily seat four! From Farmhouse plans

And, here's the overall house plan...with the washer/dryer moved to the mudroom and countertop across with hampers below. There's a window over the shower (hall bath), claw foot tub has the faucet on the other side, no window on the long wall of the master bedroom, and pocket door on the closet. The vestibule has a bench, rather than a table and the new kitchen layout. Thanks, Summerfield for all your help! :) From Farmhouse plans

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