Getting back into the swing of things.

milosmom_gwAugust 1, 2011

Hello everyone!!

It's been awhile since I've posted but I've been lurking :).

** Karen ** :: Been thinking about you and hope things are going as well as they possibly can for you.

Most of you know that I kinda hit the pits after losing my beloved FIL & and a best friend within a week back in May. I just lost all ambition for decorating of any kind but now I'm finally making some progress in pulling myself back together.

I've managed getting back to work and the 4 pug boys keep me moving so not much time to be down at this point.

DH has gone back to working 12 hours a day , 7 days a week for awhile and I found myself alone with allot of time on my hands so I went the basement for the first time in months. It was really kind of nice to dig through things again.

Will make a follow up post with a few pics of what I've managed so far (if I can remember how to post the darn


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First I set the table (bare since May)...

Lost the pic of the side cabinet but will get to that in a bit. I'm rather proud of this one as it's different for me.

Then onto the hallway..

moving right along to the bathroom nook...

still steaming ahead to the living room..

Then ran out of
Here's my "project in waiting". He's a little cast iron squirrel given to me by my neighbor "Grammy". He's at least 50 years old.
I have intentions of putting him on a cake plate pedestal that I've sprayed harvest gold, if I can ever find one of the flipping things again. I see em everywhere when I don't need one but now they've all went into hiding and I'm NOT using my good one. lol

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Good to hear from you, milosmom! The forum is kind of quiet now-a-days so I am happy that you have been checking up on us here ...lookin' forward to seeing some pics from you! Summer is passing by so quickly! Jeanne S.

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Oh, I posted at the same time you were adding pics!
And I LOVE your antique squirrel! He looks cute here on the wood pedestal, too!

Love that hallway pitcher, too...the colors are wonderful & you've added some pretty foilage & such.

You've been busy ...that t'cloth looks lovely layered ...nice bright blue! And that centerpc bowl is beautiful! Hope this brought a smile to your face ...cause you did bring one to mine! TFS, milosmom! Jeanne S.

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Great to have you back Sarah, Life can sure take a toll on us at times can't it? Your little squirel is so cute. Hope you can find a cake pedestal soon. My car is in the garage for some major repairs so I am having major thrift redrawal. Your little cannon is unique. The arrangement in the pitcher and bowl is pretty. I love how you have used the ivy around the bowl. Glad to have you back, Janet

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Adding the side cabinet (which I presume it helps to actually load the pic to SFly in the first

The lamps, boat and books came from a raid on my friends "get rid ofs". The candleholders were a TS find, the pineapple I already had and the clay piece next to the books was made for me by my son last year in art class.

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Janet ::
The little canon is indeed unique.
A one of a kind actually as my husband drew the plans out for it and made it as a metalargy project his Sr year in highschool.
Each piece of it was individually graphed on paper to spec detail and handmade of the metal , right down to the little pins holding the wheels on.
He made it for his Dad and after his passing, he toted it home.That thing is heavvvy so I can't easily hide it, might as well decorate with it. :-)
Bless him , the dear man has a degree in metalargy/drafting/milling but doesn't use it.
He graduated up to playing with/programming robots for a living instead. LOL

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So glad to have you back posting with us. Hope the sad times are behind you and you see brighter days ahead. Love your table and that cp bowl is awesome.

Your bowl and pitcher is so pretty and you've added a neat variety in it. Beautiful spider plant and I love the red and gold candle holders. The cannon is a neat project DH made and wonderful that you display it. Looks great in the cubby with all your brass candle holders.

That's a pretty cool squirrel your friend passed on to you. Hope you find a cake plate pedestal for it. Side cabinet looks great as always. Aren't friends so fun when they share with us? You really got some neat things. Great find on the candle holders. Tell DS to keep up the good work in Art Class.

I've missed you and kept you in my prayers. Hope DH doesn't have to keep that work schedule to long.


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Way to go, Sarah! You ARE back! I'm so happy for you, and for us getting to see your decorating again!

Everything looks so lovely! The black and gold table is quite striking. Both the cannon and the squirrel are wonderful, I love things with a 'history'. Also I really like the way you did the bathroom nook! And boy, I've missed seeing your side cabinet decorating. ;o)

I appreciate you thinking about me. I believe things are starting to look up here too. (other than the fact I tripped and took a really hard fall Sat night. Fell totally flat on my chest on the floor. Knocked the breath out of me, and pain so bad I thought I'd broken some ribs. Took about 5 min before I could move, then get up. But I didn't break anything, just bruised my sternum and its been rather painful since.) I still haven't decorated, and my beachy-summer stuff is still packed as I've procrastinated my way thru all of July on getting it out.
BUT....two friends took me to my favorite antique mall on Sunday, and are taking me to Hobby Lobby on Wed. I think.
Retail Therapy is back hopefully. LOL.

But actually the very best thing for me is I just got a puppy. Another Whippet of course. Even tho I have 5 adults, and sure didn't need another dog, he was irresistable. My friend had a litter 11 wks ago, and I saw them a couple of times, and totally fell in love with little Mac. So today he came home with me. Its impossible to be sad around a puppy!

Forgive me for rambling on, don't mean to hijack your thread. I'm truly happy you are doing better and definitely enjoyed seeing you back in action.
hugs, Karen

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Glad to see you back into the swing of things, Sarah.
I know how hard it is to lose loved ones.
Love your table, it looks so cool on these hot summer days.
Looks like you've been busy with your decorating, it does give you a lift doesn't it? The candle stick lamps on your side table are lovely and I especially like the squirrel and cannon.

Geez Karen, I hope you are alright!!
Your new puppy is too cute.
I would never have the energy to care for a puppy at this stage in my life.


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So glad that you are feeling better and once again able to decorate and share with us. Everything looks lovely and I know you will enjoy the changes too. I really love your squirrel, that is a wonderful piece. I think he needs an acorn in his hands for sure! LOL

Karen, little Mac is precious. I hope he will bring you many smiles.


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Love EVERYTHING!!! You have done a wonderful job. Know it is tiring, however I sure needed to see some new pics. LOL
The table setting, love the colors, the bowl and pitcher, very creative, the nook is very unique, the cannon is like Karen said, history looking, the little squirrel some how just speaks for itself, Amazing side cabinet. All well done. Keep up the good work!!

Karen your Mac is precious.. If my husband would let me, I would get another kitten. Always makes you feel so relaxed and excited. Genuine love.

Look forward to seeing more pics.

Take Care,


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Thank you everyone :).

((Karen)) :: Goooood grief!! What an awful tumble. I do hope you're alright. Love your new little friend. What a cutie.
Yes, they do seem to have a way of making us happy-(ier). We've had the foster puggie , Mickey, for just over a month now and in as much as I didn't PLAN to get a 4th boy... he's grown on my husband something awful so I figure he's staying. LOL Haven't made the formal adoption yet as he's still under medical arrest but it's coming. I'm gullible - what can I say.
here is our brat boy (and I mean this honestly), he came from a puppymill so teaching him manners and living in a house has been an adventure alright.

.............................. What??....................

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Sarah..I've been away for a week, and just got back and saw your post...
.so glad to see you're back and in the 'Groove' again!
You've been missed..
Seems like you've been busy around your home - everything looks lovely...I too love that Squirrel (laughing at Luvs -who thinks it needs an acorn) !!
Look forward to seeing more of you.

Karen...hope you're okay from that awful fall...
Little Mac looks like a precious little guy...I'm so happy you found ea other!!


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So glad you are back!! We have missed all of your lovely TS's and sideboards.
That table is quite dramatic with the black and gold and blue.
I like all of your other areas also, but my fav is your "new" squirrel! Can't wait to see what all you do with him.


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