18' dishwasher

cpoveyMay 17, 2012

Greetings all.

I may have to remodel my in-laws kitchen this summer. It's 30-35 years old and worn out. The cabinets are not even worth refacing. They have to be replaced.

This is a small (2 bed /2 bath) condo in a retirement (55+) community. Most people there don't cook much, and the places aren't worth much ($40-45K).

The good news is that range, fridge, and washer/dryer are in decent shape. But the kitchen is so small that the 24" PORTABLE dishwasher takes up a LOT of cabinet space. So I was thinking of putting in a 18" fixed dishwasher to regain some valuable space, but I have no experience with them. Are they decent? Do they work well? Does it hurt resale value having only 18" vs 24"? They seem more expensive than comparable 24" models.

I am leaning towards doing the work myself, as my job is seasonal, and summers are my slow time of year. I am thinking about using Ikea cabinets to help keep costs down.

Your thoughts and opinions on 18" dishwashers are welcome.

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I have an 18 inch Bosch dishwasher and I love it. It cleans well and is quiet. My kitchen is a galley type so space was a major consideration. I didn't want to sacrifice an extra 6 inches of cabinet space for a full size DW. Yes, they are more expensive. I don't think it would hurt resale value if this is in a retirement community since there are probably only 2 adults in a unit/no children.

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We also have a Bosch 18" dishwasher and are happy we went with the smaller size. Even so, with just two of us we only need to run it every other day.

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Another here with the Bosch 18". We have only had it for a few weeks and we absolutely love it! We are a family of 3 and load it each day, run it every night (we don't even know it's running) and smile every morning at our lovely clean dishes. Not sure about resale - our Brooklyn co-op didn't have a DW when we bought so I am sure it only helps our re-sale - not sure about other markets. Definitely worth the extra cost for us - and we gained a 6" spice drawer base cabinet next to our range which is much more functional for our kitchen.

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