'In the Heat of the Night' (or rather,' Day') T'scape

jeannespinesAugust 2, 2011

I was looking up 'holidays' to celebrate in Aug. & came across 'AIR CONDITIONER WEEK' (3rd wk of Aug)...well, this is the 1st week of Aug & we've run our AC longer than we ever have before! (the whole mo. of July!) So in honor of AC week (a bit early here in IA), I set my t'scape up on the patio table while I grilled hamburgers!

Now, remember, it is HOTTER than the dickens (YET) or (STILL) ... so this isn't too elaborate...but I was thinking of you all on this forum! LOL!

My 'Miss Piggy' t'scape:

Sweet Corn season here! So who better would enjoy fresh corn than my 'Miss Piggy(bank)!" PierI luncheon plate (good sale price $1, I think) ... TS napkins & GW black bowl & bargain corn plates (I've shared all of this before)

Here's close-up of Miss Piggy & I'm cooking these veggies are not staying there...going on the grill:

And a full tabletop view...SS Thermos mugs filled w/ice water. DH power washed our old metal patio table/chairs yesterday & we both spray-painted them with Rusteoleum 'Walnut' (almost black) paint...they look like new again, don't ya think!


(we didn't eat outside...90's & high humidity)...Oink! OINK! (Miss Piggy is over 20 yrs old...a Christmas gift from my DH).

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Jeanne, love Miss Piggy! Is she full of money since you've had her so long???LOL Your corn on the cob and tomatoes look yummy. How'd you like them grilled? I've never grilled cotcob but know of others who do.

Great job painting your patio set. The wht plates and corn dishes look like they are a set. Pink napkins were the perfect choice to match the pink on your pig. Such a cute ts.

Your weather is to Hot...We have been in the high eighties and it's gotten to hot to fast here too. Our power bill showed that we've had the ac on too.

DS left his little yorkie with us while he enjoys another year in Sturgis. I'm working this Sat. so she will have to hang out with DH more than me this week.


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Love Miss Piggy! Really cute little corn plates. I've seen them in yellow but never white (mental note to look more into that for a set myself).
The table and chairs look fabulous. A little paint goes a long ways I think.
If your weather is anything like ours, don't waste the energy grilling, just leave the veggies out there and they will cook themselves. lol

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Miss Piggy is sooo cute. She has her eye on that corn. I hope you were able to grill it before she got it...did you save an ear for Dollbaby?
The Patio set does look like new, great job.
Your table setting is perfect for dinner on the Patio, even if you had to eat inside. The weather has been unbearable here too. We had some terrible storms a few days ago and 2 Tornados touched down about 20 miles from where I live, causing a lot of damage but thankfully no one was injured.
The humidity let up a bit yesterday and it's supposed to rain today, so it should cool down some.
Happy Air Conditioning week to you too!
TFS Jeanne

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Love the white corn plates. Miss piggy is so cute. Just lost our black and white cat.

Wonderful job on the paint, looks great.

My Daddy is from Clarinda. We have been there several times. Beautiful country.

Happy Air Conditioning Week to you all.. Looks like it may last longer than a week. LOL It's HOT!!

Take Care,


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Your patio set looks great, and I love the corn plates!

Hope everyone stays cool :)


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Pretty bad when it's so hot out that you don't even want to grill outside isn't it? I was thinking that very thing last night while grilling a steak for DH!

We had some very nice showers here in So. Calif. the other day and I swear I heard all the big trees sighing with relief! ;o)

Very cute piggy bank, and I agree that your corn holder plates are perfect with your white plates. Don't blame you for eating inside in the air conditioning either!

Your patio set looks like brand new, good job. Thanks for sharing with us.


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Marlene Kindred

Love the piggy! I know what you mean about the heat...we've had more triple digit days this summer than ever before!

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Jeanne, isn't Rustoleum great! Your set looks brand new again. I like that color you used. So maybe Miss Piggy is having her 21st birthday party? She hasn't aged a bit it seems. LOL She's a cutie and looks pretty happy with all that corn in front of her.
Can't believe you felt like cooking outside with the heat tho. LOL. Celebrating Air Conditioning Week sounds like a winner right now!! Its just miserable out.

(Creek, I'm so sorry about your kitty. They leave holes in our hearts when they go)

hugs, Karen

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Thanks for your comments, Holiday-ers!
Miss Piggy is not full & did not get full on the corn either! (I kept it for myself, thank you very much)! Happy that you enjoyed Miss Piggy & didn't think of me as a Loonie Tune candidate! ;-0

The corn plates I got at either a TS or GS...can't remember but I posted them some time ago. I have some clear glass ones, too but like the looks of the white ones!

The Pier I plates I got on bargain clearance because of the 'white dishes' on this forum & a group called 'Enabler's R Us'...I've used them in other t'scapes ...this was one of 'em:

Yes, Rusteoleum is wonderful! I like 'rustic' ...but some things I like to re-paint...this is the 3rd time for the table/chairs!

Dollbaby is doing fine...she'll be getting into some more duds pretty soon...it's about Watermelon time, I think! (anyway, been getting some good tasting ones lately).

Here's hoping the 'weather' improves for all of you...been a strange summer! Thanks again! Jeanne S.

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Jeannie, what a neat ts. I have just started gettin fresh corn from my garden and it is sooo good. I hear what you are saying about the heat, just about to hot to even want to eat. We went to Boone tonight and I found some corn dishes at GW. They are a cream color but they are just plastic, but a good heavy plastic. they were $1 for 8 so I bought them, thought they would be great for the GKs or to use outside. Thanks for the "Emabling" little whisper in my ear that I needed them.I love your "NEW" patio table and chairs. Can't a new coat of paint give a new lease of life to anything.TFS janet

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Sorry I'm late in posting...been away and am just now getting back to checking in.

Great painting job on your Patio Set Jeanne...love the color too. I thought 'Miss Piggy Bank' was a symbal to 'Breaking The Bank' from using your AC all last month!!
We've been doing the same here too..and I can't help thinking of those $$ flying out the window!
Anyway...your table setting looks nice and refreshing with your crisp white plates and pink nakpkins..they really do compliment Miss Piggy...lol
I've got a couple of white corn plates too, that I bought at GW last year..wish I had found more because they are different from the ones we all seem to have in the yellow and green.

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That is a really cute TS. The patio furniture looks fabulous with its new paint job. Miss Piggy seems to be enjoying her place next to the yummy looking corn!

We have had 2 days in a row where we did NOT reach into the 90's!! WooHoo!! I think it is much better to cook outside and keep the heat out there and then eat inside where it is cool. Too bad it was too hot to use your cute TS.


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Jeanne, seeing Miss Piggy makes me smile once more. I have two pig piggy banks that were DM I'll have to share one day. They aren't as cute as Miss Piggy tho. We haven't BBQ lately but I love not having the extra dishes to do up in the end. Our weather has been upper 80's so to warm to play outside much.

I just remembered I have some corn plates I got last year so will have to dig them out. Seems as tho they are colored. Now to remember where I stashed them. I didn't plant any corn this year with the funny Spring weather we had. It wouldn't of survived the Roundup DH helped me out with any way I'm sure.LOL


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