What color for tall bathroom cabinet?

lmsscsMay 23, 2014

We are in process on refinishing our master bath. It is white marble floors, showers and vanity backsplashes. We have stained vanities in a medium brown color. The other finishes are chrome, white and light grey walls. I held off in ordering the tall cabinet until I could get a feel for the size and space in the new bath. We have his and hers vanities and I think we could use the extra storage that the tall cabinet would lend. It will butt up to one of the vanities and will either be about the same depth or deeper than that vanity. Which gets my to my question, should it match the stain of the vanity or could I make it white? If I made it white would it be out of place?

One of my big concerns with this remodel was keeping things light. In our old bathroom you had to always turn the lights on to do something because the natural light was blocked. We got rid of the partition wall to stop that, but I feel like adding a tall stained cabinet will just bring that back.

The other question I have is how to trim it out. If it is only 84" tall in an 8' bathroom, do I just have floating crown at the top or do I extend it to the ceiling with flat stock and crown? Right now there is no other crown in the room.

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My thought would be to have it not as deep as the vanity. Then it will seem lighter. Have you looked on houzz for similar looks you're after?

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same color as the vanity

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I see no problem with doing the linen tower in a lighter colour. You could tie it in with your cabinets by doing the crown to match them. I had my bedroom furniture custom made, and for the longest time hadn't ordered the final piece cuz I just knew I didn't want matchy/matchy and wasn't thrilled with having everything dark wood. One day I walked into their showroom and they had a dresser and mirror set that was cream with dark wood tops, ie dresser and mirror frame were painted cream, and the tops were stained dark wood that went very well with the rest of the pieces. That was my solution.

Here are some pics from Houzz (I have forgotten how to narrow searches down, I tried placing + between each word, that just increased the choices...)

Farmhouse Bathroom by Norwich Architects & Designers Smith & Vansant Architects PC

This one doesn't have a linen cabinet per se, but imagine that the left wall with a built in med cab was the linen cabinet. :

Traditional Bathroom by Norwich Architects & Designers Smith & Vansant Architects PC

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raehelen, you are exactly on point with your last picture of what I was trying to achieve. It is a dividing "wall" between the toilet and my vanity.

Over the weekend I thought more about it and I was thinking if I could incorporate crown into the mirror I may be able to bring the whole space together. I'll have to spend some more time on houzz to figure it our exactly.

Thank you for the input.

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