HALO vacuum - anyone use it

Jstell2008November 13, 2008

Just heard a report on the Today show about how dirty a regular vacuum beater bar gets. Anyone use the HALO vacuum with UV light to kill germs? I saw a test by a tv station in Arizona that showed the HALO vacuum did kill strep and ecoli.

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I do not understand your comment re: "how dirty a regular vacuum beater bar gets." The vacuum cleaner picks up dirt, so yes, it will get dirty. So will other parts of the vacuum cleaner.

The Halo is a somewhat new vacuum. The present model is their second model that they have brought out. It is not selling too well. They are too expensive for a new and unheard of brand. I do not believe that the UV feature would work all that well with the average person. The average vacuumer vacuums too fast. In order for the UV light to do its job, the vacuum would have to go over a particular area very slowly. I believe that it takes about an average of 8 seconds to kill some bacteria or viruses. What about the germs at the bottom of a thick carpeting? UV does not go through objects. I would like to have seen the test that you mentioned.

Without selling the UV feature, I would say that the Halo upright will clean well. But then it is just a regular vacuum cleaner. It have very good filtration. The Halo uses the new technology bags that feel like cloth. The vacuum has onboard hose, but I did not think the suction was fantastic. The vacuum looks like a much larger Oreck upright and weighs more also.

You can find this vacuum on clearance at many places. Some are selling it as low as $150.00.

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The Today show tested the brushes on a roller bar on the vacuum that a family uses to clean their house. The family vacuumed their house 2x week. The family had 2 small children and a dog. The test found ecoli, strep and other germs on the roller bar brushes. Here is the web site for the test I mentioned.


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It's a good thing we don't eat or lick our carpet or beater brush!

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I hate these shows that try to scare people by showing how many germs are on everyday surfaces.
I've got news for them - the germs have always been there, and somehow the human race has managed to survive.
In fact there are studies that show that overzealous cleaning and antibacterial cleaners are detrimental to our health, because our immune systems do not develop properly. Children raised in super clean homes have been found to have more allergies.

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I will have to take a look at that video link. The vacuum user probably vacuumed up cat poo. There are people who do that. There is nothing to worry about. The vacuum cleaner is over 100 years old and still a great tool.

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I think they were trying to point out that these germs such as ecoli were being spread around the house as we vacuum and think we are cleaning the house. We love out cats and dogs, but they do sit on our carpeting and rub their butts on it. Think about small kids crawling or playing on the carpeting and then putting their hands in their mouths, etc. Kind of unappetizing, isn't it. And, I know most germs do not hurt us, they help us become immune to them. But, some of these germs are really bad germs. Not to mention some of us with severe allergies. I guess I am looking for something to clean better to help maintain my family's health.

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