weighting a fake pumpkin?

party_music50August 23, 2012

Hi All! Remember those great fake pumpkins I snagged by the side of the road earlier this year? I want to use them on my porch this autumn, but the porch is mostly open on 3 sides so I'm afraid they'll just blow away. They seem to be made of a good-quality molded plastic and hollow inside... they are full size pumpkins but very light-weight, with no holes or openings that would allow me to weight or tether them easily. Maybe they won't blow away if I keep them toward the middle of the walled side???

What do you do to keep these pumpkins from blowing away in a wind? or do you just keep them indoors or in protected areas?!

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PM, I am including a picture of my porch with fake pumpkins. Mine has a corner that helps as we get lots of high winds around here. The ones in the urns sometimes blow over, but tucking them in the corner helps.

You could always use thin wire to hold yours together, or cut an opening in the back, weight them with rocks and reglue the opening, even cover the cuts with some fake fall leaves glued over the cuts!

If you tuck items in the arrangement that aren't round, like fall leaves on stems, etc. it will help keep the pumpkins from rolling.

Have fun with your "new" pumpkins.


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Don't laugh, but I dump kitty litter in them to weigh them down! New and clean litter of course, LOL. I saw this tip somewhere years ago.

hugs, Karen

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Candy, your corner arrangement is beautiful! but I don't have a wind-protected location like that. Karen, I'd have to cut into the pumpkins to fill them with anything -- but I may end up doing just that...

I have a huge (20 gallon) crock near my front door, which is probably the most protected location on the porch. I just wove a wicker top for it, so that I can set things on it. That may be the best location for the pumpkins to stay in place -- and I'll try wrapping them in garlands of fake autumn leaves to keep them in place.

These fake pumpkins are awesome looking, but their lack of weight makes them impractical to use in most outdoor settings. Thanks for the replies!

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