Paper towel holder recommendations?

annova914November 4, 2009

I was at Bed Bath and Beyond today, looking at three different types of paper towel holders (the kind that sit on the counter). Two of them had an "arm" that rests against the paper towels and according to the directions, you're supposed to be able to rip off a paper towel w/o any unraveling of the roll. Does anyone have something like this that they highly recommend? I've always had the kind that sit under a cabinet but since we just redid our kitchen, I'd like to try something different. Thanks.

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When we remodelled our kitchen a few years ago, we had an apron and lights put under the counter. No paoer towel holder or anything else could be mounted under the counter.

We bought a free standing one that sits on the counter near the stove. It has a spindle beside the roll that keeps the end near the roll. It works well there. The ease of ripping it off depends on the towels not the holder, but I find it is just as easy as the undercounter holder.

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Got my towel holder! I went back to BB&B today and asked a clerk to demonstrate how two of these towel roll holders work. I forgot to save the name of the holder I bought, but the price was $19.99. It has prongs (hard to describe them) going up the center pole with a stainless steel knob that you unscrew at the top (to place the roll on the pole). You slide the towel roll down over the prongs. It sits on a 7" stainless steel base. When you tear off a sheet it makes a funny noise but I don't care. Just one sheet comes off and it doesn't topple over. (the one with the "arm" that rests against the roll toppled over when I tried to tear off a sheet).

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Is it this one (link below)? I've been looking for a new one as well and the ones with the arm bother me (just look kinda funny), and so many other claim that they work too. And they're all so dang expensive - gotta love those BB&B coupons!! I'd love to see (or read about) other recommendations anyone else might have!

Here is a link that might be useful: Perfect Tear

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That's it! I guess what makes it steady are those prongs that brace the inside of the paper towel roll. I love it and wish I'd bought one years ago (it's so worth the more 5 sheets trailing after me as I try to tear just one sheet off the roll). I used my 15% off those coupons :)

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