Built In Bookcases

Math_TeacherApril 11, 2014

We are building and trying to decide the height of built ins by the fireplace. Our living room is 9' ceilings with a tray up to 10'. Should our built ins go to the ceiling (9') or should they be shorter? Opinions please.

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It really depends on your needs and what look you are going for. The photos Carson posted really look great with them to the ceiling.

We just went to around 4' high for our bookcases around the fireplace as we wanted to display large canvas art above on both sides.

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Go all the way up to the ceiling as in the first two photos or go significantly lower as in the last photo. Don't go almost but not quite up to the ceiling.

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I agree with DreamingoftheUP. Either go all the way to the ceiling or half way.

We went all the way to our 9' ceiling. I don't have pictures handy but the last picture posted by Carson was one of our inspiration for the fireplace.

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I'm also with Dreaming. Either go all the way to the ceiling OR keep them low. I think to-the-ceiling is appropriate for more rooms, but the shorter cabinets make me think Craftsman style. I wouldn't have been surprised to see windows above them. Considering space for artwork is smart. With the trend towards great rooms and open spaces, we do have fewer walls for artwork.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We did both...up to the ceiling near the fireplace and lower further down the wall for display.

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We did slightly lower and love the look. To me, all the way to the ceiling looks very formal. If my goal was for the room the bookcases are in to have a formal feel, then to the ceiling it is. If I'm after a more causal feel, then lower is the answer. It all comes down to personal preference.

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We've specified all the way to the ceiling in most of the 10' rooms, but some of the cabs "accidentally" ended up with "fern space". We live 2 hours away and are not onsite more than once a week so that's the way it is going to stay... I am okay with the gaps in the less formal areas but I have had it with dust catching ledges in the kitchens and bedrooms. Every home we've lived in for the past 30 years has had them and I have decorated thusly- but I think this is going the way of the grape border in the kitchen.

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Here is a picture of the back hallway in progress. Why they didn't take this up to the ceiling I really don't know. It would have given me tons more storage... but at least I have a place for my "FERNS".

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