cement board install doesnt look right

sadie709May 31, 2013

The drywaller put up the permaboard over the kohler cast iron shower pan yesterday. One of the walls seems to bend in behind the flange as if the wall is not even . It looks like a small gap but still to big to be covered by the hydrogen. Is this a problem I need to make him correct before he tapes in the morning or am I overcomplicating things?
I am trying to attach a picture I hope it works

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Sorry I meant to say Hydroban my computer overtyped it.

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Is the cement board touching the pan ?

If so, it's installed incorrectly.

That flair is also a no go on my projects. Not wrong per se, but it's sloppy.

In fairness to the setter, this was caused by poor framing , which he should have rejected before hanging the board. He could have fixed it too, though strictly not in the scope of work or pricing of most tile setters.

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Yes xedos it is resting on the top of the sloped flange all around except for this gap about 8" long. So how do I make him fix it. He took out a soaker tub and replaced with the shower pan. He used the old framing which held greenboard and just hung the cement board over the old stud walls.

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It should extend over the "fall" of the tub lip and at least 1/8" above the tub. Hydroban, tile and then silicone caulk the gap to the tub.

It was installed incorrectly and will leak. He should have furred the studs out to be plumb before installing that wall. Have him take it out and make it right.

XEDOS~I'll respectfully disagree. ANY decent tile mechanic would fix that before continuing. Most of us prefer to have the studs exposed so that we can correct any problems that would ultimately reflect on the finished project...whether it is cement board or mudded wall work.

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Thank for your help. I made him fix it. The wall needed to be plumb for the rectified tile anyway.

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Glad to hear he worked with you, Sadie. Keep us posted on your progress.

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