Proud owner of a huge old SZ. Anyone know how to move them?

deedlesMay 1, 2013


Seriously. Having great difficulty finding someone to move it. 2 men and a truck won't do it. The commercial appliance people won't do it although he says he gets these calls all the time and maybe he should start providing the service. I suggested he start providing the service with me but no go.

Has anyone ever moved these by themselves rather than hiring out? If so, any advice?

It's the 48 sxs that I posted about yesterday. 300.00. 582#.

I'm cautiously excited to own it with the understanding that we'll have to get a service guy out to check it over for any problems. She's a beaut though and I'm already thinking about some nifty DIY panels for it.

But getting it there is the next thing so any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Why don't you call SZ and find out who delivers them in your area.

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It took 3 movers and a dolly to move my over/under 18 yo 550 recently purchased used. I am not positive it was damaged during the move, but the SZ service tech that came out to service it after was concerned that a heat coil under the unit could have been damaged by the dolly. I would defintely get the names of local, authorized repairmen in your area to provide recommendations for the move if they don't provide the moving service themselves. Then, at least you could hire movers and provide specific instructions to them about where to lift and where to avoid. Mine was also on its side for a while and ideally, that should be avoided, from what I understand.

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Both good suggestions. I will contact SZ, thanks.

Arlingtonduplex: I did see this mentioned somewhere else about damage underneath the unit. We'll pay attention to that, too.

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I'd call a company specializing in moving large safes. They should have the right lifts and dollies.

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Call used appliance dealers.

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Trying both suggestions for movers. Keeping my fingers crossed that we'll find someone.

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Well, found someone finally. Cost more to move than it cost to buy but I can understand that. Thanks for the suggestions. Keep your fingers crossed for an uneventful move this Saturday afternoon.

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When you update the post can you let us know who was hired to move the SubZero? :)

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I found some office space movers that had a little blurb about appliances in their ad. They have a big enough truck that we don't have to lay it down, which is good. I'll update how the whole thing goes after tomorrow. Cost: 350.00.

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