Extra Deep Stove/Oven/Cooktop

olivertwistkitchenMay 12, 2012

Still not sure if I'm going with a range or a separate cooktop/wall oven, but regardless, other than width, does the depth vary? For the cooktop, I realize that I have so much trouble fitting 3 big pots at the same time. I suppose that 36" wide cooktop might solve this problem, but I don't want to give up counterspace. Do they make deeper cooktops?

Also the oven. Sometimes I want to put two baking dishes side by side the long way, but they're too long and stick out a smidge and I can't close the oven door. Same question, are there ovens that are deeper?


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You need to go shopping, either online or in a store.

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Take you pans and go shopping. I will say that my BS range will hold a full-sized commercial sheet pan, or two half-sheet pans on one rack. I know, I have them, and use them.

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I believe GE makes the largest size range ovens of any manufacturer. Many are 5.3 cubic feet. Two lasagna pans - 9X13
can fit side by side in some of their gas range ovens. I don't know about electric ovens. You can check each manufacturers website. Consumer reports also provides the information in one easy chart. You can subscribe online and compare any of the ranges the mention in their reports.

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Rangetops tend to be deeper and have more usable real estate than cooktops. By the time I was able to renovate, I was thoroughly disgusted with my smoothtop cooktop, as I could only use two burners at a time (diagonally offset) unless I used very tiny pots/pans. Now I have a 6-burner DCS AG range, although I'm pretty sure I could have made do with a 30", as I can use 10"-12" on all burners simultaneously (but I seldom do). A 36" range also provides a larger oven than a 30" one, but takes a bit longer to preheat. Half-size cookie sheets are no problem, nor are side-by-side casserole/baking dishes. I'm not sure if various brands of ovens are deeper front-to-back, but I was a bit disappointed to discover than many of the current crop have less head-room top-to-bottom. I don't know how often you roast large turkeys, but if I did it more often, I'd be PO'd. Mind you, I stayed in a nice apartment in Paris last year, and its oven was too short to even roast a chicken (there had to be room for a dishwasher drawer underneath it), so I've learned to be very happy with what I have, because I've made do with so many sub-standard kitchens in my past.

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