Wooden toilet seats and transitions toilet seats--any experiences

threeapplesMay 6, 2013

We have Kohler Portrait 2-piece toilets and, for our powder room, I thought a nice dark wooden toilet seat would look nice. Kohler's elongated wooden toilet seat is rather contemporary for our house and so I wondered if I could use another brand. Does anyone have experiences with wooden toilet seats?

Also, we have a 3 and 5 year-old and I am contemplating getting one of the seats that has the smaller diameter seat that goes on top of the regular seat. Are there any "cons" to this, aside from an extra component to clean? Thanks!

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On the toddler seat question--No big cons! LOVE THOSE! They are so easy for your kiddo to use. We put one on our parent-education/toddler group bathroom toilet and many parents planned to go out and get one for their child's primarily used toilet at home.

The only experience I have with a wooden seat is that they can split along the grain of the wood. When that happened on one of our seats, it pinched legs... Hopefully you won't end up with any weak grains at a stress point.

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