Tiled shower window: how do we trim it out?

melle_sactoMay 2, 2012

Hello! My DH has been slowly working on our master bathroom remodel for about a year now. He is practically finished with the shower, but the small window is stumping us. It was the only window in our small bathroom, so we chose to keep it, plus it faces south so is nice for my indoor plants.

Here is how he tiled around it:

What do can we do about the gap between the tiles and (what I think is) the window frame? In the old shower, there were some vinyl strips that the window installation guys put up between the gap and the old FRP shower walls. Do we need to find new vinyl strips or is there a better option?

Thanks so much!!!


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Jack Kennedy

I used Corian in my bath window. Looks like painted wood, however it's impervious to water and will not rot.

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Glenwood705 -- we like Corian, have it as counter in our kitchen and are considering it for when we replace the bathtub in the main bath.

How would I order strips of it for around the window? Can we just custom order it from a dealer?

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We too have a window in the shower of our 1890's Victorian. At first I disliked it, and thought it was crazy to have a window in the bath... but now that I've gotten used to it, I LOVE it. Especially in the summer... like an outdoor shower.

What we (ok, husband) did was to frame out the window opening and line it up with the wedi board, so that when the tile is installed, it connects directly into the window itself.

Maybe you could look for a matching trim piece in your tile family. If you google images of tile quarter round, you might get some ideas of how you could use a thin piece of tile to trim out the gap. Or maybe another term is pencil trim? My husband needed a very thin piece to edge out a corner in another bath, and he trimmed down some of the curved-edge molding, and it worked perfectly.

Good luck! The details of renovating a bathroom are enough to drive you crazy!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bath Renovation Photos

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Thank you for the suggestion to use tile -- that's what my DH wanted to do, initially (I forgot about that). I don't think my DH could find anything that would work, but he was shopping directly at Home Depot or Lowes, and they don't have a huge selection.

I'll look online for tile quarter round/pencil trim.

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