Question about paint color: same in bath as attached bedroom?

southernmumApril 27, 2013

It's about time for me to start picking out paint colors. My kids all have their own bath connected to their bedroom. The baths all have cherry cabinetry and a beige/speckled granite. (Thus a beige wall color would be easiest in the baths.) However, they have each picked out a color for their bedrooms. Is it okay to change color when you enter bath, or does it look better to have bedroom and adjoining bath the same wall color? Would love advice. Thanks.

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Our master bath is three shades darker on the strip than our master bedroom.
That's what I prefer.... same strip, different shade.

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All of our bathrooms and adjoining baths are the same color.

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They are your bathrooms, so it's your choice. Any professional approach will be fine.

Pink and lime green may slow resale, but if that's not on the horizon, go for whatever makes folks happy.

Good luck on your project.

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How many 1/2 empty gallons of paint do you want in your garage for touch ups?
I would probably choose all baths the same color (with rooms being individualized), or same color as room (if not too wild), simply to cut down on the # of cans of paint!

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My answer is very close to LuAnn in PA's answer: For an adjoining bath, I'd go with a color in the same color family . . . but not identical. It could be darker, it could be lighter, it could be a pattern in the same color. Or, for example, it could be that the bathroom is mostly white with blue trim, while the bedroom is mostly blue with white accessories. Coordinating, but not identical.

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My advice is to keep the paint a neutral color. I have a jack and jill bath for my boys and another bath for my daughter. My daughter really wanted to paint her bath the same color as her BR which is lime green! My sons are orange and army green. I had visions of trying to paint these baths after they move out. Which if you have every tried painting baths, they are a pain. So I went with the neutral beige as most of my house. This is also coordinates with color of the floors and countertops. Its so easy to add color with rugs, curtains, towels, etc than to paint! I did the same for her WIC. Just my two cents.

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My decorator said to do the master suite (including bathroom) a shade darker than the rest of the house. So he said to do the bathroom and the bedroom the same.

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My girls each have their own vanity which is open to their bedrooms, but share the tub and toilet. I used a soft green in all of the bathroom areas since they're all connected but my youngest daughter's room is soft pink and my oldest daughter's is called Tidewater (blue). I think it's really cute having the different colors but it's certainly taste specific.

I'm sure as they get older their tastes will change and it will be painted something different in the future. Here's a picture.

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Thanks! Great ideas here, as usual. Cbusmomof3, love your daughter's room - such light and airy colors! Yes, I think for the boys baths, the beige is just the easiest and most versatile when it comes to shower curtains, towel color, etc. Since the granite is gallo ornamental, I think a neutral color would also just suite the room best. Now for my master, I do think they will be the same color. NOTE - my youngest son wants a Star Wars room and he wants it to be blue. I think it'll be fine to have a blue bedroom and then a beige adjoining bath. Now to pick all the paint colors..! :) I'm such a Benjamin Moore girl, and my builder will only use Sherwin Williams. Hopefully they can color match well! Many thanks!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I see no problem with painting baths a different color entirely if you want....neutral colors are a good choice.

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I used Bm Rockport Gray for my sons bath and bedroom. It is very similar to SW Intellectual Gray. Her's a pic. I am very happy with this color and I think it will work with almost any theme he chooses to decorate with in the future.... Right now he's three, so it will go through many iterations, I am sure.

On a side note, I chose many bm colors, and my painter used sw paints, and they all color matched very well. I haven't compared to the swatch, but I am pleased with each of the colors.

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My BM store had a SW fan deck available and many of the SW colors in their system. I am sure SW does the same thing with BM colors... Good luck!

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