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swest2_gwAugust 1, 2013

I have plaid dishes and linen, but I would like plaid chargers for my Christmas table. I checked on line and found four for $195, so I thought I would try to DIY it.

I was thinking of *attempting* to make my own using cheap Dollar Store chargers and wrapping paper. I think instead of covering the entire charger just covering just the part that shows. If I flip the charger over and trace the outline onto wrapping paper, then put a plate inside that circle and trace, then cut out the ring, then Mod Podging it onto the charger( then sealing with Mod Podge) it should have the desired effect that I want. I would only be covering the part that would show once a plate was put on top of it.

I was also thinking of putting a fine glitter on the edge of the charger while it was drying. Too much?

Has any one tried this? Does anyone have any thoughts as to how I could do this? Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Plaid is so pretty for Christmas time! In my opinion, If you have plaid dishes, and a plaid table cloth, I would suggest solid color chargers and napkins. Solid colors would "frame" your dishes and make them stand out from the table cloth. I would choose one color from the plaid of the dishes (preferably one that is used the least in the plaid) and find chargers in that color. If the colors are hard to match though you could think about metallic silver or gold chargers (even wooden chargers).

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I love using plaid at the holidays. Like you, I really wanted plaid chargers to use with some dishes that had only a accent of plaid. I've been thinking seriously of decoupaging plaid gift wrap to the underside of clear glass chargers to get the look for less.

I've linked my inspiration below of a lady who created a knock-off look with fabric and clear plates. This is a different project, but the elements and construction would be the same. She used fabric, but I think paper would work, too, but paper would require a bit more care to keep it from tearing.

P.S. I wouldn't use the glitter on the edges. It would always be falling off and you couldn't wash the plates even by hand.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn Inspiration

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A couple of random thoughts.

If you already have plaid, I personally think plaid chargers is going to be just a little too much (for my taste, anyway). I think it will set off your plaids more to use solid chargers. But that's just one person's opinion of course.

If you do decide to do the decopage thing--make sure you trace a circle LARGER than your charger. You're going to need that extra for the plate's contours, probably. You can always trim off any excess, but it's going to be harder to piece a bit more on.

Glitter? NO--not around food. That's a bad, bad idea. It gets on everything and will end up getting into the food, no matter how careful you are. If you want gold rims, get gold chargers, or use some gold, non-toxic paint.

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If you have plain glass chargers you can get glass paint at craft stores & paint on underside of them a solid color to match as suggested above. Can paint on top but then more likely to get scratched up by someone putting knife on edge or coffee spoon on it. I did that with glass mugs & you leave them to dry for 30 days & can wash them without paint coming off. The paint comes in 2 oz bottles & is called "Folk Art Enamels" by Plaid, for glass & ceramics. I did mine in painting class & the mugs still look like new. They say you can put in oven to do it faster but GF & I were afraid they might break. 30 days curing works fine. No glitter,little too much, have little glitter on floral arrangement to add festive touch. Jan

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I wanted some plaid chargers and was trying to figure out a way to DIY them.

I was at the Dollar Tree today and they had frames 11" x 14" and plaid wrapping paper and large gift bags. Instead of chargers I made placemats that I can change to suit my purpose. A standard placemat is 13" by 18" so the frame is not that much smaller. Also if I put the silverware and napkins on the plate, it should be fine! Have several projects in the works, so I will post pictures when I have them completed.

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