Viking Dual Fuel Range not heating

bdorinMay 28, 2014

Hello! I hope someone here can offer me some guidance with my new Viking 48" dual fuel range. When I set the dial to "Bake" and select a temperature setting, the oven light blinks as it should. However, shortly thereafter the "Clean" light also comes on and the oven does not heat up.

I live in a rural area and Viking is trying to find someone to come out and service the ovens but I wonder if anyone else has had this issue and what was done to fix it? I'd like to be better informed when someone does get here.

Thanks so much for any feedback!

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Try shutting off the circuit breaker to the oven and leave it off for 5 minutes or so. This should cause the oven's electronics to reset.


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Thank you, dodge59. That did not make a difference. Any other suggestions? Still no word from Viking on getting someone out here to service the ovens.

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Bdorin, I can't offer any insight, other than that I would try each function, and make a list of what does and doesn't work. Typically, with these types of appliances any repair is two trips, one for the person to diagnose the problem and order the part, the second to install the new part. If you have a list of what does and does not work - such as broil, convection, etc, in theory it may speed up the diagnosis when the tech gets there , but it is extremely unlikely they will order the part and bring it with them.

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