Toto Aquia wall-mount toilets - 20 weeks backordered

elphaba_gwMay 30, 2013

Well, silly me, I was thinking 2 or 3 weeks. I'm in process of calling around but I don't have much hope.
Either I delay remodel by 20 weeks, or I find a Toto aquia wall mount on the shelf somewhere or I buy a Duravit wall mount. Given the unpleasant things I read about Duravit in reviews on Amazon, I was all set to go for Toto without a doubt. Guess I'm not the only one.
If anyone has a tip on where I might find a Toto wall-mount sooner, I'd love to hear it.
I've so far called and In process of calling local right now. I am SO disappointed. Maybe it's a sign I should pick Duravit??

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Where did you hear they are 20 wks backordered? (did you try or or national builder supply or, maybe terrylove?...)

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Actually, amazon lists it as instock.

Here is a link that might be useful: amazon search with Instock

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everyone of these models (except one and when I followed that link on Amazon - it was PEX after all) - I'm seeing has the "#1" or "-01" listed which is for Pex supply lines.
Ours will be copper. That should show "-02". Already looked on Terry Love's site in the "shopping" but didn't post in the forum. There are a jillion places to look on the web. In the meantime, I found out that Duravit is cheaper than Toto in many cases. Especially Durvan's new sensowash bidet seat is cheaper than Toto's washlet. This shopping whether on line or in the local stores is a LOT OF WORK!
I'll let you guys know what I find out. The folks talked to Toto who they make direct orders from (they are an authorized dealer) and they said the problem was with the Sanagloss. Now I'm wondering if the problem is with their copper supply. I can only speculate.
But any of you who plan to purchase a TOTO fixture, I would think you should put that at the top of your priority list to order. Things could get worse.

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Toto sells the toilet bowls and tanks seperate, so there are model numbers for each half, plus one for the two pieces together. Try searching by product number. Amazon lists the copper pipe tank as in stock, I bet other places have it too.

CTW seems to denote both pieces sold together, use these (from Toto site) on the spec sheet to look.

CT418FG#01 - with Sanagloss
⢠CT418F#01 - without SanaGloss
⢠SS204 SoftCloseî seat (sold separately)
⢠SS114 SoftCloseî seat (sold separately)
⢠SC134 commercial seat (sold separately)
⢠SC534 commercial seat (sold separately)
⢠WT151M In-wall tank system (pex pipe) (sold separately)
⢠WT152M In-wall tank system (copper pipe) (sold separately)

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I just ordered 3 of these from Amazon (in-wall unit, toilet, toilet lid, and flusher thing). They were all in-stock and arrived quickly.

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Interesting that 01 in the aquia is for pipe type. In the Drakes, etc, it was for the color I think.

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Interesting that 01 in the aquia is for pipe type. In the Drakes, etc, it was for the color I think.

I thought for all the Totos the two digit code at the end is for the color - 01 is cotton white, there is no 02 color.

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I already own one of these. This would have been my second one. Trust me, - 2 means copper. (though I'm sure in another context - it could be color...)

My local guy can get his hands on the Aquia bowl - not the tank. He wants to use the Geberit in wall tank instead of the Toto. I know that can be done - but not sure how the Toto washlet works with the Geberit. The "water supply" on the Toto tank is a "washlet option". Still investigating.

I also would like if possible to go with an authorized dealer which Amazon is not. I may go back to and see if they can get the Toto tank by itself.

Thanks for all the input, everyone. I think there is a good chance I can get something close to what i want a lot sooner than 20 weeks.

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I found several sites where "backordered" was indicated but... I found on where they say they are shipping:


Think I'm going to order it tonight. A little worried that they may have made a mistake and I get stuck trying to cancel. Haven't dealt with them in a long time. They are an "authorized" dealer for Toto and have read good reviews. Hmmmm - need to think about this.

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I can vouch for the Geberit bowl working very well, the only in-wall commode I've seen installed

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elphaba, what did you end up doing? did you go with the geberit carrier instead? i'm ordering the same toilet as you, but i ordered the geberit carrier instead of the toto carrier. did you find geberit having 2 different specifications for copper vs. PEX? the geberit carriers i've seen don't specify.

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I found a Toto carrier on - it was delivered quickly - less than a week. Homeclick is an authorized dealer for Toto so all is good. Had to buy the toilet bowl separate which meant it was a little pricer but not a whole lot to pay for 20 week expedited delivery.

I would have gone with geberit brand except we are having a Toto Washlet installed too and I felt more comfortable with connecting Toto to Toto. It wasn't obvious to me how to do a spigot on the Geberit (or whether it would be on the left side which is where I wanted it). I'm sure it would have been fine since Geberit has been around a LONG time but we had already done a Toto carrier so wanted to go with what we were familiar with - don't like surprises if we can help it.

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