What features to shop for in an induction cooktop

strayerdarbMay 1, 2013

I'm going shopping in a couple of days for my induction cooktop. I want a 36" cooktop. But other than that what are the features I should evaluate in making the decision?

Such as timers, placement of the hobs, size of hobs, framed vs. unframed, style, placement of the controls, etc.

What's new in 2013 that I might want to look at? If I am armed with a list of things to look for I feel confident I can make a decision fairly quickly.

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"Such as timers, placement of the hobs, size of hobs, framed vs. unframed, style, placement of the controls, etc.""

If a cooktop, look at its overall height. That could affect storage under the counter top.

Look at overall brand reliability. Consumer Reports publishes this when they do an appliances review, data gathered from subscribers' surveyed.

Another thing to consider is something like Bosch's "Pot Sense" where you can put a smaller pot on a much larger hob, and it will work. Not all large hobs do that on all brands.

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I have a Bosch 800 which I absolutely love. Pot sense is a great feature. Read reviews, there are some induction units that really make a racket in the kitchen, our Bosch does not. You hear an ever so slight hum when the boost feature is used if no one else is around.

One feature that was a must have when I shopped was having all power levels available at the push of a single control. I did not want to have to slide my finger up and down or to push a button multiple times. If I want a power level of 7, I want to push the power level 7 button.

A feature I love on my unit is the auto shut off timer. When I cook rice or whatever, I can either set the timer and it will beep at me, or I set the shut off timer and it beeps and shuts the hob off- love that feature!

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