Bathroom Layout (Removing Soakin Tub)

capo19May 14, 2012

Hey all,

Just wanted to say thanks in advance for anyone reading this and offering input. I really appreciate the help.

My master bath in our townhome is currently in major need of updating. I'm planning on either selling in renting the house within the next year. I'm mainly concerned with keeping a low budget and maximizing returns and appeal to potential buyers/renters.

The bathroom is pretty small for a master bath but has a lot in it with a toilet, dual vanity, neo-angle shower stall, and small recessed soaking tub with tile surround. There are no windows in the space and everything is builder grade ivory. It feels almost too crowded... the tub is kind of cramped in the little alcove making the shower and tub both feel small.

When I remodel the bathroom I'd like to remove the neo-angle shower and turn the soaking tub into a shower with floor to ceiling tile and glass doors. This would give me 1 high end place to shower instead of 2 lower grade options with the previous tub & shower.

My question is will removing the tub hurt resale value? Should I just update and leave the layout the same or do you have any other ideas for the space? I'm looking to do minimal layout changes to save on budget. I attached the 2 layouts below.

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If you have another tub in the house, I think going with a larger shower is fine. With respect to resale -- I've heard all different things: you need a tub in the MB, you don't need a tub. Honestly, it only takes one buyer, and they may or may not wish to have the tub. You also could talk to some reputable real estate agents in your area to garner their feedback.

I like your proposed layout. You might consider placing the sinks closer together, toward the center of the counter run, so one doesn't feel so cramped by the door when using the sink to the left. I also see "doors" for shower doors -- are you putting in two shower doors? One could be sufficient and, again, if it's closer to the toilet side, it won't feel as cramped by the entryway door.

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I'd want tub in the main bathroom. But I can't help think, given the unused space between the sinks and the shower, why not just expand the shower to a larger size? Even if you change to only one sink, better tub + shower than shower only.

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