I really want a Kenmore Intuition canister vac. Is it good?

myclementineNovember 1, 2008

I want a new vacuum so badly. We got a cat which I am mildly allergic to so I want to vacuum under beds, dressers, etc at least once a week and my Dyson doesn't go under anything, it is so huge. And the low reach attachment is a joke. Tiny 1 inch hole can't suck up anything.

So CR rates the Intuition very high and from looking at similar Kenmore vacuums they look like they would do a great job. But $600 is a lot to shell out after paying $500 just 3 years ago for the stupid Dyson. Have I mentioned that I don't like the Dyson? The wand irritates me to no end as well.

Anyway, I would love to hear from anyone who has one or has heard anything about them.


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I don't have that exact Kenmore canister, but I do have a cheaper model (around $300.) I gave my daughter one for Christmas and was borrowing it all the time, so she bought me one. I have a Rainbow and prefer using the Kenmore. It really picks up. Hope this helps. Betsy.

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I'm looking for a new vacuum too. Everyone says an upright is the best for carpets but I don't like having to use the attachments on the upright, the whole thing tips with me. We have one for our porch and it does really pick up the dog hair but I'm constantly running over the cord, too.

Seems like a canister is just easier to use overall. The hoses are longer, the attachments are easier and you can get under the cabinet lips with it. Most uprights are too thick at the base to get there.

Anyone else have comments on the best for use on carpets, tile, and wood?

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I had an old used Electrolux canister that I absolutely loved. The pros were-it was great,it picked up everything in its path,the attachments worked very well. . The cons-it was somewhat heavy to drag around, and the hose kept getting clogged. I finally got sick of the clogs and replaced it with-in order, a Hoover upright bagless, a Eureka upright rated a "BestBuy" by Consumer Reports, and my current Bissell Grab and Go convertible. I have hated every one of the replacements, they "suck" or rather, don't suck at cleaning. I have considered both a Dyson and another Electrolux/Aerus . Someone else must have the answer. What is the best vacuum?

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Well, I am home and so far I love this thing!!! I am way too busy with everything else but I did put it together and did quick around the living room, went under DS's bed a bit and did the rug by the front door and everything worked great. I want to tackle the stairs tomorrow and finish the rest of the house. OUr stairs haven't really been done in 6 years because none of our vacuum did those real well. I can't wait!

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Advice from an: owner/user/retailer and mechanic my answer is Miele.

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I really wished we could have afforded at Miele.
We just couldn't come up with the extra $300 or so.

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Myclemintine... don't feel bad about not buying a Miele. While they are good machines, the mark up is HUGE and vac shops make a fortune on them. You spent a lot more money on your vacuum than "cheap people" who pick up the 49.99 dollar special at Wal-mart do every year or so and I have no reason to think you will not be satisfied with it. Congrats on your new machine :o)

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Thanks Vacuumfreak! What a nice thing to say. My cousin is coming tmorrow to buy the Dyson and she has always bought cheap vacuums every year so she is very excited about having a "real" vacuum.
I cleaned the living room furniture last night and it was a breeze, I love the handle on the hose. I am going to love this.

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