Compatibility of Kohler & Grohe Faucets

MercerMMay 18, 2014

Hi, I'm wondering if someone can help me? My builder installed Grohe faucets in my shower and tub deck when I specified Kohler Sculpted Forte faucets (too long a story to explain how it happened) which are already installed in my sinks.

I know that Grohe faucets are better quality. But the Kohler faucets are already installed in my sinks and I want the shower and tub to match the sinks.

My builder tells me that it's impossible to replace the Grohe with the Kohler that I specified because these 2 brands of faucets have rough-in valves that are not compatible. And I believe he's correct about the compatibility part, not about the possibility of correcting his mistake.

Anyway. I have 3 questions I'm hoping you can help me with.

1st: Should the faucet design/style (not the finish-they are all chrome) of the sinks, tub, and shower match? (The sinks, tub, and shower are all different designs, That is, not only does the Kohler not match the Grohe fixtures but the Grohe fixtures don't even match each other).

2nd: Does anyone know of a Grohe faucet design that is similar to the Kohler Sculpted Forte design? Here's a pic of Kohler Sculpted Forte.,-valve-not-included/productDetail/Tub-Faucets/422075.htm?brandId=431870&skuId=379792&categoryId=431800&page=merchProductDetails&hash=id%3Dfilters

3rd: How hard is it for the builder to remedy this situation? What does it involve? The tiling in the shower and around the tub deck have already been completed. The tub is a drop-in tub.

Thanks so much for your help!

I'm also posting in the plumbing forum. I see my dilemma as both a design problem and a plumbing issue.

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Sophie Wheeler

What does your contract say about product specification? Does it list model names and numbers? What about an ''equivalent model'' clause? What's in writing rules. As far as what it would take, the shower wall would need to be opened up and have the valves replaced. If you haave an access panel on the reverse of the wall, not a big deal. Same with the tub. The required access panel would need to be opened and th valves replaced. If you don't have access panel for the shower, it gets to be a much bigger deal. How big depends on the waterproofing method used, and how creative your GC might be.

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Hi hollysprings. Thanks for your answer - really appreciate it.

My contract simply says that all fixtures are TBD by homeowner within a certain price range.

My shower wall does not have an access panel, but my tub does so at least replacement should be easy for the tub.

Thanks again!

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Sorry I don't know much about this topic. I have another question - not just for hollysprings.

Can the shower head or any of the fixture parts be replaced without having to change the valves? I read somewhere (on this forum I think) that some parts can be swapped with no problems. Is this correct?

Thanks a lot!

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The shower head can be easily replaced. The shower head does not need a valve or anything like that.
God luck!

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