Fairmont Vanities and shower glass thickness

leeseebrMay 20, 2014

Hi. Does anyone have experience with fairmont vanities? I am looking for something relatively inexpensive and they have 2 styles I like. Wondering about the quality.

In addition, I am installing a sliding glass door for the shower/tub. Does it make a difference if I use 1/4" or 3/8"? This is for my kids/guest bathroom - not the master, if it matters.


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You'll want 3/8th's inch glass. 1/4" is so thin (do they even sell that thickness?) and will look cheap.

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I have a Fairmont vanity. It's nice enough - not cheaply made like a "builder's supply" vanity. The drawers do fully extend and are soft close (and they work well).

1/4" glass is flimsy, 1/2" glass is great, so 3/8" is good.

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Ask your shower door people. With a sliming door that is framed I would think 1/4" would fine. Maybe Millworkman will chime in.

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