Shower heads for 4' x 6' shower?

Mom23EsMay 13, 2012

What would you install in a 4'x6' shower? The poured floor will be 4x6 and there will also be a 7" ledge. We've decided to forgo a built in bench (too cold to sit on) and buy a teak bench that we'll keep outside of the shower instead (much more useful when we're bathing little ones in our tub). I'm overwhelmed at the options for shower heads. Our builder spec'd two shower heads already, but he said we might like a rain shower mounted on the ceiling. There are so many jets, hand showers, and other frills. As DH puts it, we don't need a car wash. I've never been in anything but a plain basic shower with a regular shower head. What would you put in a nice, but not over the top, two person shower?

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Nix the jets. We have them and they are annoying (expensive and ruin the look of the shower).

Put one rain head, centered.
Put two shower heads on slider bars on opposite ends of the shower (with separate controls). Keep it simple, clean and functional.

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We just purchased fixtures for our master shower (full house renovation, head is spinning!!) similar size/a bit smaller - 3 ft by 5 ft 8 inch. we went with hansgrohe rain showers on either side and one axor slim handshower.

shower heads (one on each wall)

slim axor hand shower
and holder...

it is a steam shower also from the previous owner of the house... we eliminated benches and are planning on a teak bench too, to maximize space

good luck!

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I would go with 1 or 2 regular shower heads and 1 handshower on a slide bar. The handshower on the slidebar comes in handy for shaving legs, showering kids and for cleaning the shower. How many regular shower heads you have will also depend on shower setup (i.e. door placement).

The rainshower head mounted on the ceiling is a personal preference thing. We have one and DH does not like it (even though he was the one that specced it). I use it at the end of my shower as a refresher--I run it just long enough for the cold water to dissipate through while the warm regular shower is still running, then I turn them both off. DS2 loves having the rainshower, the regular shower and the handshower going all at once on him (keep in mind he's only 7)--although it does make it feel spa-like without all those wall jets that require so much water pressure and volume.

Hope this helps!

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Ours is 4x5', but we are getting a regular shower head and a hand shower on a slide bar. I like a shower with good pressure, so a rain shower isn't really all that attractive to me, except in looks. The hand shower will come in handy for cleaning and if our DS ever wants to use it. Body sprays seemed like something we would never use.

Bottom line - we chose fewer options and were therefore able to upgrade to a nicer shower head. Figured that 90% of the time we take a shower bleary eyed in the morning so will just be using the regular showerhead...

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My shower has a rain head and a handheld. The rain head is lovely to look at, but as a functional shower, only adequate. (And that's with outstanding water pressure -- we have 3/4" lines.) I have to switch to the handheld to rinse shampoo out of my hair because the rain head just won't do it. So my personal opinion is that rain heads are not long for the world of luxury baths...

Other posters have already addressed the body jets, which I've never used, but was considering...

I'd advocate for two regular shower heads and a good handheld.

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