dingy white shirt

arizonaroseNovember 10, 2008

My favorite white shirt is cotton/nylon/spandex. It doesn't seem as white as it used to be...what do you suggest to brighten it up?

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I would soak it in Oxyclean and hot water (or at least warm water) according to the directions on the Oxyclean container.

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I'll have to get some of that & give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion. I wonder if laying it in the sun would help too...I'll post back & let you know if the oxyclean works.

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Nylon's and some other synthetics are naturally sort of gray. What makes them white is dye....white dye.
Bleach will remove this dye....what you need to do is get a laundry detergent that has "whiteners" in it and soak your shirt in a very strong solution of that detergent for about 12 to 20 hours.
rinse and dry.

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I am so pleased! The Oxyclean worked. Three scoops in a sink of warm water for about an hour and my shirt looks like new again. That is some good stuff! Graywings, thank you :)

Lindac thanks also for your suggestion. I knew not to use bleach, but didn't think about the Detergent w/whiteners.

Anyway...problem solved and I'm so pleased...just Love that white shirt!

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