shower floor tile abutting wood..caulk or grout?

lotteryticketMay 11, 2014

I'm getting ready to put in the shower tile floor. The tile will extend beyond the shower and into the bathroom by about 14". I plan to grout the tile but should I put a bead of caulk where the tile meets the wood floor? I'm concerned that the expansion and contraction of the wood will cause any grout there to crack. I live in MA and the wood floors move a bit based on how dry/moist the air is. Any suggestions?


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Is there going to be a curb? Will it have a linear drain? How will you deal with water containment? Lastly, why would you extend a shower 14" into the room?

Silicone caulk...

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It is curbless. No linear drane. It's a long shower and the shower head does not point towards the opening. It does meet code and the drain, though not linear is not centered on the shower its offset (due to plumbing constraints) and is closer to the back wall. I wanted to bring the tile out because I am paranoid about dripping showertakers so this gives you enough room to get out and finish drying. It was also an aesthetic decision just because I like the way it looks. Kind of like a rug.

I was thinking silicone caulk as well. Thanks for your help!

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I too would think silicone caulk because as you state the floor will expand and contract. Its kind of like an expansion joint, yes?

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Always caulk where

1. Two different materials meet, and

2. Where the same materials come together on different planes (as in a corner).

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Btw that is extremely beautiful :)

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Thanks everyone! So glad I found GW. This remodel is taking forever but it's getting done right.

@enduring - it took a lot of searching for basketweave with a blue-grey dot that didn't have to be custom. I ordered it on a Friday and it was in the store on the following Wednesday.

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That is lovely tile, Lotteryticket.

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If anyone is interested the tile is from Jerusalem Heights. I wish my phone took a better picture but I suspect the little lens is covered with my grubby fingerprints.

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