thermador vs kitchen aid DW

docmammaMay 11, 2012

I can't seem to make up my mind... help please.

I was planning on getting kitchen aid double ovens (double convection) and a kitchen aid DW.

We are also going to get a thermador 36" gas cooktop. Since thermador is having the one two free special my appliance salesman priced out getting the thermador double ovens with the free thermador DW instead of the kitchen aid. The price difference is small enough that I think I would like to go that route. The thermador double ovens look great.

My problem is that I get hung up on the dishwasher. I really prefer the kitchen aid due to the larger spacing of the tines. But what seems to be a bigger concern is that the kitchen aid has a little light on the front that shows when the DW cycle is done and dishes are clean. I don't think that the thermador does. I think it would drive me insane if could not tell by looking at the DW if it was clean. So many different people run off the DW in our house. Is this a silly reason not to get the better double ovens?


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I just pulled out my Thermador Kitchen Design and Planning Guide, Volume 2 which I ordered to check on your question. It's thick.

There are four DW in the Collection: Emerald, Topaz, Sapphire and Star-Sapphire. The Emerald DW does not have an operating indicator that lets you know when the DW is running. Such a basic function. :( The Topaz has the Blue Power Beam as does the Sapphire. The Star Sapphire projects time remaining on the kitchen floor!

As to the tines in the Emerald: it accommodates 14 plate settings and allows rack height adjustment. 48 dBA. The Sapphire is also 14 place settings, rack adjustment, Chef's Tool Drawer for extra loading capacity of utensils and 44 dBA.

Maybe they will let you upgrade to Topaz by paying the difference?

As to the Theramdor double ovens, we have them and they cook great and have not needed servicing. Ours are old models though, and even have their own vent to outside.

Hope this helps. It's always nice to save a little for other kitchen purchases.

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Who makes the DW for Thermador?

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Hmm, I don't know if this is a loaded question or not. I understand Bosch is the mother company of Thermador products, the latter's headquarters being located. Huntington Beach, Calif.

"In 1998, this German company acquired Thermador (Huntington Beach, CA) and continues to manufacture Thermador Professional Series cooktops and ventilation hoods at a facility in La Follette, TN. BSH also built a manufacturing facility in New Bern, NC where dishwashers, cooktops, and washers and dryers are made." (see below)

Perhaps the question is where are the component parts made, not just assembly? IDK.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link:

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I would go with the Kitchen Aid DW. Well made very quite. Love the Thermador range but IDK about their dishwashers. Kitchen aid is well built. good luck!

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Thanks SW for the detailed response. Sad that the emerald doesn't have an indicator. :(. So now I guess my choices really are upgrade or go with the kitchen aid. I had really wanted those thermador ovens but I guess the kitchen aid ones may have to do.

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You don't have to take the emerald. You can get one of the upgraded models for an additional $200. From the Thermador website:

OPTION ONE: buy a range, or buy any cooktop or rangetop and any combination oven to receive a free Emerald⢠Dishwasher with an upgrade option to a Topazî Dishwasher model for $200 or Sapphireî for $400 or Star-Sapphire⢠for $600

I'd eat ramen for a couple weeks and cough up the extra couple Benjamins. 4 db is a LOT quieter and I think you get you light.

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Thermador is just a high-end re-brand of Bosch. It's the same stuff usually. Bosch is the highest rated DW. German engineered product is usually very good quality. I'd suggest buying a Bosch DW unless you are really tied to the look of a Thermador, you get the best bang for the buck then.

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I was actually in the same exact boat. I went with the KA because of the racks. My MIL has a Bosch DW which is basically the same as the Therm and I can't stand the racks. They just don't hold a lot of bowls which we use a lot of in my house.

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I've had KA double convection ovens for 10 years and have had no problems. Love them and yes, I use self-cleaning often and have had no problems with that in case someone comes on here and says self-clean will burn out the DW.

I also have a yr old KA DW and it is the best ever. I looked at the Bosch DW, but the tines totally turned me off. They can say 14 place settings all they want, but how skinny do the dishes and bowls have to be to load that much? The KA dishwasher loads beautifully, is super quiet, has heated dry cycle and I love it!

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