Crackle Subway Tile in Shower

dvarnellMay 1, 2012

Has anyone used a crackle subway tile in their shower? That was my plan and then I got nervous when others on this site noted that the crackle tile they bought specifically said it wasn't for wet areas (i.e. Walker Zanger). I'm using Adex and I had my tile store call Adex who informed them that if a penetrating sealer is used, there will be no problem with water infiltration. I really like this tile, but I don't want to be looking at mold in a few years. Any advice would be helpful.


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I love crackle tile. But I wouldn't do it. It's not worth the risk.

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Crackle tile is great for backslashes. I would never put it in a shower.

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For the body of a shower that will be heavily used? I wouldn't risk it.

For a feature section of a shower that will only be lightly used? Could be worth the risk.

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If you are still thinking about going ahead with this tile, you should ask Adex if they're willing to stand behind their product if there's a problem.

When we bought our WZ Mizu crackle tile and the sales person told us that we couldn't use it for wet applications, I was curious as to why their brochure pictured the same tile in use in a bath/shower application. The sales person said that they had been unaware of any issues until a few customers had "ugly problems," and that they ended up reimbursing the customers for retiling their showers. Though she said that she would be less concerned since we were only planning to use the tile in the shower as an accent, since WZ would not back the product for that use we limited the use of the tile to dry areas.

Will Adex retile your shower if there's a problem down the road? Even if they will, do you want to go through the hassle? Why risk it when there are so many nice tiles out there.

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BUYER BEWARE! I am so sick of false advertising!! There are many, many pictures of products being used in bathrooms that when you go to really read the fine print "not for use in wet areas" is listed. It drove me insane as we looked for flooring for our recent basement and bathroom renovation. A manufacturer "guarantee" is nice but so not enough when thinking of the HASSLE of having to re-do any project. Function has to win out when making "design" decisions, unless you have an unlimited amount of time and $$$ to dedicate to a given room.

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Last year we installed a walker zanger crackled in my kitchen and was told that it should not be used in a bathroom. I was told the same thing for a Jeffrey Court crackle. Salesperson said it was too pourous...

Recently we have been looking for tile for our master bath reno. While I was in the Tile Shop, I saw a pretty cream colored crackle subway tile on display in a bathroom. I told the salesperson what I had been told previously about crackle tile, and he said that their product was porcelain with a "crazed" texture on the surface, and was not porous, so it could be used in a bathroom safely. I think it was about 8$ a sq foot.
Might be worth checking out! They have a pretty good website.

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>their product was porcelain with a "crazed" texture on the surface, and was not porous

Frankly, I don't see how this description differs in any way from any other crackle finish porcelain tile. I would want a corporate guarantee in writing before proceeding on the word of a tile salesperson for something like that.

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Sophie Wheeler

A tile salesperson--or even most installers--will not pay for tearing out and redoing a moldy mess. All they want to do is collect their fee. And by the time a couple of years rolls around and you are left to cope with the crud growing in the tiles, they are off to selling time shares or used cars.

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Good to know! Salesperson made it seem like it was a totally different product. And I believed him. Sorry to have posted misinformation :(

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No problem. I'm sure he probably gets a lot of unfortunate folks to buy it with that spiel. It's good to post things like that here so that other people can read them ahead of time and have a chance to think about what's true and what isn't before they have to deal with the store people.

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Thanks everyone. Although I have been assured by two diff tile cos that I'm crazy for being worried about this, I'm just not willing to risk it.

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