cleaning dog hair off furniture

flowerfarmer1November 12, 2010

I had just bought one of those pet hair furniture cleaners by scotch products. It works fair. I had a pair of surgical gloves on to keep my hands form touching the hair, and I ran my hand over the couch to pick up some of the hair and found that I got more hair up with the glove than with the pet hair remover. So instead of buying those fancy pet hair removers, get a box of surgical gloves, they not only take up the hair, but it gets the dust and grime out of the couch. Who would have guessed that a pair of surgical gloves would do such a great job at cleaning furniture. I had all my furniture cleaned in just a short time.

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You are right. Gloves work better than any of those pet hair removers which don't seem to work at all. You can use the yellow vinyl cleaning gloves and they work great. People are amazed when you tell them how easy it is with these gloves. I wet the glove which seems to work even better.

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A damp sponge works for me.

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