Electrolux range F15 error

jtr5May 20, 2014

My Electrolux range model # EW30ES65GSH (manu. date is March 2012) is giving me an F15 error. We had a power outage and it's been misbehaving ever since the power was restored. The cooktop works fine, but the oven is the problem. Here's some details:

From a shut off the breaker, I power on the breaker, display reads "CLO 12:00" - this is completely normal after a power failure, no problem right?

I set the clock, no problem. Everything seems good.
I can use all the cooktop controls, no problems there either.

I press the timer button (I've read that setting a timer for 1 minute seems to be a common testing suggestion) and it immediately starts beeping & flashing "F15".
I hit cancel and all returns to "normal" - by normal meaning no beeping, no flashing, and cooktop working.

If I hit any button on the oven side of the control panel, I immediately get beeping & flashing "F15".
But, again, I hit cancel and everything is back to "normal".

I've got the unit pulled out and the back panel off. I was searching for the thermal reset but I can't find it. I've read a few suggestions that may be the problem. Not sure if this model has one. If so, where would it be?

Anything else I can try? I've got a multimeter somewhere but I can't find it right now. I can run get a new one if that might help me save a $$$ervice call. Thanks in advance!!

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I don't have any first hand experience with Electrolux, so I can't tell you much, but here is what the service manual for that range says about that error code:

"F15 Controller self check failed or terminal cutoff open. 1) An F15 error code on the oven controller may indicate the oven controller is not receiving a synchronization signal from the relay board. One easy way to determine this is to power off the unit, power it on and start a Timer for 1 minute before the F15 error code appears. If the timer counts-down normally then the synchronization signal is okay. If the timer stays at 1:00 and does not countdown, then the synchronization signal is missing. If the synchronization signal is missing, check first if the oven relay board is receiving 120VAC correctly (J4 pin 1 and 3). Then check the wiring between connector J2 on the relay board and connector P16 on the oven controller. If AC power and wiring looks good and the problem is still there, replace the relay board. If problem persists, replace the oven controller. 2) The F15 error code may be caused by an oven controller failure. If the synchronization signal has been verified and tested good, replace the oven controller."

I take it you aren't able to even get to the screen where you enter in 1 minute? If that's the case I would be inclined to believe it's the oven controller, but I'd definitely test for the signal before you order anything.

The manual does mention the thermal cutoff switch, but only in relation to the E15 error, not F15. If you're only getting F15 without E15, sounds like one of the 2 boards.

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