Thank you for all the information on steam mops.....

bryansdaNovember 16, 2008

I read all about them here and since so many seemed to like them decided to try. I got the Shark steam mop and tried it out yesterday on my kitchen floor. To this point I had tried a sponge mop, floormate, microfiber mop and now the steam mop. I didn't think it did a deep cleaning, but this morning wiped up a spot with a clorox wipe and it came out almost clean instead of black as before. I have 5 dogs at the moment so nothing is going to stay totally clean....LOL.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. You just made my life easier.

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I too was skeptal of the Shark, but my friend swore I had to have one. So of course I went out and purchased one. I didn't think it did too much - cleaning wise. That is until about a day later and I could really tell the floors looked great. The other thing I noticed was that if you wipe up a drip or spill you can't tell where you wiped it from, I like that. Works great for me too, and my friend.

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It's amazing what it really does. Like you both said, it's not apparent at first how good it is.

I have hardwood maple floors in my kitchen, and had been using the Swiffer system prior to getting the Shark Steam Mop. I decided I would keep going over the floor the first time until the pads came up clean. It took about 5 times of re-doing the floor. But after that, and especially the next day---the transformation was amazing. No more stickiness or gummy feeling. No drag on the socks--just silky smooth clean floors. They had never before felt like real wood (had always felt kind of plasic-y before) or looked so clean. I absolutely love it.

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Well, after reading these comments I purchased one. I bought it mainly for our master bathroom. I just finished round 2 and the floor is still dirty! I will keep going until I get it clean.

I have a question, do you guys go quick or slow while you mop? The first pass I went real slow. The second pass I went fast and boy did it make steam! So now I am curious how you all use yours.

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I guess you could say I went fairly fast but it was really more like back and forth over the same area several times. Each time I had to add water I took the pad off and washed it out with hot soapy water and then would wring it out really well and then go at it again. I really thought it was only taking off the surface dirt, but boy was I wrong. Now I did try it on the kitchen floor at my dad's house and it didn't do as well. That floor has pits in the pattern of the vinyl and it helped it, but didn't get everything. I do think with time and/or spraying a light coating of vinegar water first and it would evenually get the pits clean too.

From what I read from the other posters, it seems to do a better job each time you use it. Some didn't get the results they wanted until about the third or forth time they used it. That may sound like a lot, but it's so easy you could use it everyday if you wanted to do it that way.

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I think the first time you use it, you are dealing with a lot of build up from whatever cleaners you were using before (at least that was true in my case). Once I got my floor clean the first time, I didn't have to do multiple cleanings again. If there are heavy dirt or sticky areas, I just go slower and spend more time on those areas, but I always get that silky smooth clean floor now. As a general speed, I would say that a medium speed works well for me.

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I appreciate all the information given on the Shark steam mop. I am moving into a new log cabin and all my floors will be wood. The information on the box says its good for wood floors, but I'd be interested in what you have to say about its performance on wood. I sure don't want to damage my new floors. Thanks so much

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Do a search on this site for steam mops and you'll find some information about how they work on wood floors. I don't have wood floors or I'd be happy give you that information.

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I just got a Shark steam mop last week, and I have been thrilled by the results on my ceramic tile floors.
The rest of my floors are laminate, and I am hesitant to use it on them. Given that the manufacturer warns not to get laminate too wet, and the fact that it is, essentially, a paper product, has anyone found that regular Shark mopping has damaged laminate flooring in any way?

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mapletex, I just did my kitchen and dining area which is pretty big and it is all laminate. It did a fantastic job and didn't damage them at all. I would guess that as long as yours is glued down well and not peeling then it should be fine.

I did the bathroom 5 times in one day because it was so dirty from hairspray and it is fine. I haven't seen anything bad in there. So I think you will be fine.

If you are worried I would suggest that you scrub it first to get the gunk off then you won't need too much steam. I figure after the first time when I really scrub and make sure it is spotless then if I do once a week or so then I won't use as much and won't need to spend as much time on it.

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I purchased a shark after checking out everyone's comments and used it this weekend with good results--my question is what are the pink cloths for?

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Mine didn't come with any pink cloths, but could they be microfiber cloths? If they are microfiber cloths they are wonder for dusting and cleaning just about anything. Just make sure you don't use fabric softeners when you wash them, the same as with the pads for you steam mop.

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After all of the raves here about the Shark, I purchased one today. Question: The instructions say to prime the unit first which I did. Massive amounts of steam came out but the more I mopped, the steam dwindled. Are you supposed to keep priming it every so often or is the amount of steam coming out toward the end enough? Thanks in advance.

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Mine didn't come with pink clothes either. Hum...

I do prime it if the steam seems to be quiting and if I have a tough spot that needs attention. Not sure if that is correct but its what I do. And if you go really fast back and forth it will get hot again. HTH

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I got 3 pink cloths with mine and I think they must be for dusting--wasn't really sure, but will go with that for now. I didn't have any problem with steam stopping as long as I went back and forth--if I just went straight it seemed to really slow down. I do like it and after tomorrow (Thanksgiving with 26 people) I'm sure I will be using it again!!!

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I agree with having to use the Shark steam mop a few times before the pads don't come out black! I just mopped the floor this evening after preparing for Thanksgiving. With all of the dripping today and splashes onto the floor, i was amazed that the pads were blacker! One thing I struggle with are streak marks. I have travertine throughout the kitchen, hall and foyer, bathroom and laundry room. It is sealed but I don't think sealants last all that long; we had it resealed a year ago and my friends who have this mop and use it on ceramic tile, never have streaks. Anyone have problems with streaking? I mop in a forward/backward motion, just like I would if I had to vacuum. The rest of the floors in the house, except the bathrooms, are all hardwood..dark maple, Virginia Vintage. i can't bring myself to use it on the wood even though the product says it's ok!

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