Is the Miele Diamond worth it?

VanditMay 14, 2012

Is the Miele Diamond worth the extra money over the other models? I like the interior led lights and pop open door. Are there Ny owners of one or does anyone have any experience of this over the future dimension? Thx guys.

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I've seen all the models at a Miele Gallery showroom in my area. To me, the Diamond has more wash programs than most people would ever use (such as cheese and starch), but so did the La Perla. But the Quiet was program is nice, since it uses lower water pressure, but takes twice as long. The auto closing door and LED lights are more for show, but the models that open the door at the end do allow for better drying of plastics.

For the price, I'd never pay of $2000 for a dishwasher, but some in here have found the Diamond and Dimension floor models on sale under 2k.

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LOL - No, but that didn't stop us from buying one. Wife really wanted a recessed handle dishwasher and the Diamond was the only Miele version that didn't come with the odd-looking buttons. So I talked the dealer down several hundred dollars, but it was still way more than any dishwasher should cost. My wife doesn't know that I bought it. It'll be a surprise for her when it gets installed next month.

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Lol. How did u talk the dealer down? It seems they are unwilling to budge off of Miele msrp at all the places I checked with

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YES. Miele dishwasher are the best dishwasher you can buy.. yes pricey but built to last 20 years or more. Very quite machchine.

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It was a couple of factors that helped get the discount. We were buying several appliances, including a Wolf range top and hood. The person we dealt with was the owner's son, so we were able to get to the bottom line without going thru "management." I asked what the price would be on a floor model, but they didn't have one, so they agreed to sell me a new in box one for what they would have sold the floor model. Finally, all kidding aside, I negotiate deals for a living and am fairly good at pushing the right buttons to get a deal.

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I have the diamond. The lights are probably the best option. Its the one thing everyone comments about and says what a great idea. Now I did weight the couple of models down as well. I wanted the auto open for drying. In my old dryer, most of the stuff on the top rack was still wet, especially the plastics. I had no choice but to put plastics on the top rack on the old DW. Now they can be anywhere and with auto dry almost everything comes out dry. I say almost, since some glasses or mugs that have a recess in the bottom will still hold some water but that happens if I unload the DW closer to the program ending vs, the next day. I did have lots of wet stuff at first but that was because Miele's instructions on rinse aid are poor. They state to mot use rinse aid with Tab based detergents. Thus, I was using Miele Tabs and no rinse aid. However, as I have come to find out. You use rinse aid with Miele not other brands of tab detergents. I assume its tab detergents that also contain rinse aid. So all is good now :).

Sensor wash was also another program that I wanted. Its the program I really use every day. 1/2 a Miele tab and sensor wash.

Now if memory serves me correct, the only other DW that had those programs was the Dimension Plus. The Dimension looses something that would have wanted. The Diamond also comes with the 5 year warranty. So if you added the cost of the Miele Warranty to the Dimension Plus it was maybe like $250. At this point, If I was spending this $$$ on a Dimension Plus I might as well get the model with some other programs and the internal lights. If the cost difference was allot more I may have opted for the Dimension Plus.

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I think my Diamante Plus has 6 was programs. 95% of the time I use the Pots/Pans since it has the longest and most intensive was cycle. But do use Normal if its a smaller load, doesn't have Senor Wash.

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I have a Miele Touchtronic dishwasher that I bought for $1300 -$1400 several years ago. I absolutely love it. It offers virtually silent operation and spotless washing (I use Miele-recommended tabs with rinse agent included). My only reservation with this wonderful machine is the fact that it is Euro-sized. My noisy old Kitchen Aid (the one with "quiet operation" and a food grinder) didn't clean nearly as well and certainly was *NOT* quiet but it would accommodate maybe as much as 30% more per load. More importantly to me, it would accommodate oven racks and grease trays and porcelain stove top parts which my Miele dishwasher cannot begin to accommodate. It also won't accommodate many storage containers, tall vases, or larger pots. I would stick every appliance part in my kitchen in a dishwasher if I could, so the size limitation of the Miele is definitely a consideration if you want to use your dishwasher for more than just dishes. If Miele offered an American-sized dw, it would well be worth an additional $1k to me. It is a truly great washing machine in all other regards IMHO. Maybe these newer Miele models under discussion in this thread offer more interior space, but not according to some of the sales reps at the appliance stores I frequent while shopping for a kitchen remodel. Have to confess I havent tried to confirm. They all tell me KA offers the largest washer--but I have been there, done that and will accept the tradeoffs to keep my Miele.

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