Lunch and shopping on a hot day!

luvstocraftAugust 26, 2010

OA and I decided it was time for us to get together again, so we met in old town Upland at Molly's Souper. It's an old house converted to a breakfast/lunch restaurant. Since our temps were over 100 today, we decided that we would pass on sitting outside this time--I think most everyone else made the same decision!

I knew all of you would want to see us having fun, so we asked the sweet little waitress to snap a couple pics of us with the "treasures" we shared with each other. I gave OA a few of my little Cricut creations, and she gave me this wonderful sturdy metal "something"--and I'm supposed to figure out what it's used for! Any ideas ladies? LOL

After lunch we went over to the little town area to take a look in some of the little shops there.

These little stores can be a bit pricey, but sometime you find just the thing you can't pass up. I loved the metal rooster and frog fans, and OA found some very realistic looking faux veggies. Lots of cute cupcake items, I especially loved the little aprons. In another shop, we loved all the cute Halloween things, like a pretty sparkly garland, harleguin painted pumpkins, cute packs of Halloween tissues, lots of neat candle rings, etc. There was also this darling squirrel holding an acorn cap over his head--I drooled but refrained from buying him! In one little store I found some cute Campbell's soup mugs I'll use as a gift for a special friend, I'll share pics in another post. At this last store, OA commented that going to lunch with me was rather "expensive"! LOL You'll see why in the following pics. ;o)

OA found some neat candy cane striped plates and a darling little cake pedestal. Please note that most of the stores are not air conditioned, only some fans, and by the last pictures we had been in and out of several of them and we were feeling pretty warm and ready for some nice cool air conditioning again!

It was fun, and a great way to spend a lovely hot summer day! Thanks OA, hope to see you again soon--maybe for a Fall craft show.


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It was fun, despite the heat. And, yes, it was expensive! Luvs has much more self-control than I. Even though the plates weren't outlandish, they were no bargain either ($4 each). Still, I just couldn't pass up them up. But it's no wonder, they were begging me to give them a good home. My motto: You can never have too many Christmas dishes. Actually, I think that line was first said by somebody famous, but I can't remember who. (Probably because they're no longer famous and now reside in the Poor House.)

I just broke a pedestal plate like the one I'm holding. Like this one, it was small and I used it for oh so many things. Anyway, I was glad to find another without even searching.

Don't you just love the fall blocks Luvs made! Great fall colors. And they're tied with a neat little fuzzy string.
I think I'm going to use the little Halloween cutouts on a hall tree in October.

Lunch was fun and the little downtown area is quaint, yet sadly dying a slow death in this economy. Still, Luvs and I did our best this afternoon to help keep it afloat.

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Luvs, it looks like you two were having a fun day. Couldn't I convince some of you gals to move to the beautiful mountains of NW NC, SW VA oe NE Tenn, so I would have someone to do fun things with. I love the candy stripe plates, and I have a hard time passing up any pedestal dishes. Luvs, I love your curcit creations, I may have to buy me one for Christmas this year. Do you do any other crafts. I just finished crotcheting a red, white and blue doily last night. I like to sew, knit and crotchet and do some embtoidery, although my eyes are not corporating to well for intricate needle work anymore. I used to paint cermaics, but my friend who had a shop in her basement moved, and there isn't another shop anywhere areound close. If I had only been on this forum then, I could have made all kinds of napkin rings, candle holders and other pretties. I have a nativity, a village, a large tree, a santa music box that I did, but I didn't get into any of the other holidays. Regrets, regrets..... I love all the lovely things that you have painted, that slate was just too cute.

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You two chicks are TOO YOUNG to be retired! Good to connect names with faces! Oh boy, am I ever jealous! That is just the "coolest" (even if it was 100 deg) to get tog! Lunch place looks great & the shops look like alot of fun! Great finds on those plates! (& the other loot). TFS your day! Jeanne S.

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It looks like a lot of fun! And I loved going with you!
Great little gifts and bargains too.

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OA and Luvs,

What fun to go along shopping with you. I am jealous of those great candy-stripe plates, OA!

Upland is a nice little town as I remember. How much fun to get together with other forum members. I'm with Janet, don't have anyone who's interested in thrift or antique stores or yard sales. DH sometimes goes along looking for tools or paperbacks, but then I feel a little restrained!

Thanks so much for taking pictures and sharing them with us.

- Magpie

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I'm so jealous of you two!
Not only getting together for lunch and exchanging goodies, but being able to do some fun shopping too!
Cute Candycane plate.
I agree, how nice to place 'faces to names'.


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Yep...add me to the line of jealous gals. But you did a great job of making us feel we got to come along a bit.
I think its great you are able to actually go places together, wish more of us could do that.

OA, when Luvs visited me and we hit that huge antique mall, her amount of self-control was unbelievable! I was almost embarrassed to check out beside her. LOL. I had bags of stuff, as always.

Jane, a couple of years ago, I tried to get some of the gals to show their photos, and I put a "family album" in our Inspiration ones. But I think only 3 of us did. Luvs and I, Dreamgoddess, and Printers Devil who hasn't been here in a LONG time. I was sure hoping we could get a lot of us showing our faces, LOL. It is fun to actually SEE one another. I did the same thing on Garden Junk, and quite a few did post pictures for me.
So if any of you now want to, PLEASE do.

hugs, Karen

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This is so wonderful to see you two out having fun shopping, having lunch and sharing neat gifts. I am also thrilled to see all the pictures. Especially the ones with you two. Seeing you so happy makes me SMILE.

OA, can hardly wait to see your candy cane striped plates in a setting. So happy you found another pedestal you NEEDED! Luvs makes such neat things and I'm sure you will share them with us this fall.

Luvs, I want to know what your gift is but can't tell from the pictures. Be sure to let us in on what it is when you figure it out. Hope you are on the net searching right now!

Thanks for sharing the fun.


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Karen...I love the idea of us posting pictures.
Seeing OA & Luvs smiling with their goodies, as Punk said,
made me smile too.
So, if anybody eles is game, I'm for it!
It will put a more personal touch to our forum here.
Just give the word, start the thread, and see who of us
'pops up'!


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I'm glad all of you enjoyed the pictures and felt like you sort of got to come along with us. Trust me, you are always along on any shopping excursions--find myself constantly saying "Oh,so and so would really like this" or "Isn't this like what so and so collects?", etc.

I do have to exercise restraint when I go on these shopping excursions. I see so darn many things that I like, but my little house is nearly bursting at the seams already and no matter how cute, I just really don't need much more!

Also, my neighbor/friend and I had hit her favorite TS in a nearby town this week too. Here's pics of my finds that day, along with the little Campbell's soup mugs I got while with OA yesterday. My newest neighbor/friend has MS and just recently had to get leg braces. She is redoing her kitchen and has been looking for Campbell's soup kids items, so I was excited to find these things to gift to her and hopefully brighten her day. ;o)

Punk, my gift from OA is wonderful--it is used in the top of a candle to cut out the hole so you can sit a votive inside. Can't wait to use it on my Fall and Christmas candles this year.

Magpie, Upland used to be a fantastic place to find unique stores and antique/collectibles shops. Unfortunately, the economy hasn't been too good to those types of stores and many have gone out--only five or six left there now.

Janet, I've visited the mountains of N.C., and loved it there as well as the outer banks too. We have family in the Raleigh area so will most likely head the motor home that way again one of these years.

Both OA and I said we hate having our pictures taken, but we agreed to do it in spite of knowing we looked hot and wind blown, just for all you gals here. Jeanne, you're a sweetie, but trust me, we're NOT too young to be retired! LOL

Here's my "treasures" for this week:

These are for my neighbor/friend. There are two of the mugs.

This little wooden bread box will get a coat of white paint and be used on my kitchen counter to hide some of the vitamins and medicine bottles. I hate having them in site. The spice bottles revolve and will be great for glitters, buttons, or whatever in my craft room.

This little snowman plate was just too cute to leave on the shelf. I love snowmen, but I actually thought of Miss Karen when I saw this because of the cardinals.

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Here's what I gave Luvs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candle Carver

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That is a cool "candle carver'...great gift! (reminds me of my pineapple corer...LOL!) certainly found some cute things for your neighbor friend! That should lift her spirits...sweet of you.

Good use for that breadbox...I have that problem, too...& I use the inside shelf of one of the kitchen cupboards...out of sight...out of mind...but, don't forget to take 'em when you should! LOL!

Yes, thanks for taking us all on your shopping spree...enjoyed! Jeanne S.

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Luvs, your friend is going to be soooo excited at your Campbell Kids gifts. You are such a sweetheart, always making friends feel so special.

Jane, I'd planned to add OA 'n Luvs photo to the album.
Tho Luvs is already there,with me, LOL. But everyone needs a double-dose of LUV I think.
The GJ gang came thru a few years ago with pictures of around 40 of them I think. Even some of their DHs too.
There's a good pix of Jeanne there that I may swipe and add to our family album. Ok Jeanne? You were holding your SS gift, and its a great shot of you. (we do a Secret Santa exchange on Garden Junk that is such fun each year. And folks always post pictures of their goodies.)

hugs, Karen

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Where on earth did you find the dollie??!! She's adorable.

I like your idea of using the spice thingie for craft items. I'm going to be open to that idea when I shop the Thrift Stores.

I also like the medicine hider. I don't like all those bottles either. If I keep them in the bathroom, then I have to deal with keeping a clean glass handy. And if I keep them in the kitchen, they're sitting around reminding me (and everyone else) that I'm not as young as I used to be. A Medicine Hider is just what I need.

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OA,the little Campbell's girl and tray came from Community Thrift, just past Glendora Ave. on Arrow. Have you been there? Really big and great turnover on items.

Unfortunately this little medicine hider won't hold it all, I have little corner cabinet by the sink that holds the rest of it! This one is small and "skinny" so won't take up anymore space than the pill dispensers and bottles and will look "tider" I think. Should have painted it yesterday when it was hot outside, today is wonderfully cool again! Love it!

Karen, bad enough having one pic of me to have to see in the album. I'm sure OA has a good one of herself she would share. ;o)


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Ok, Miss Luvs, no double of you. I can just crop you right out of the one with OA. And I think the last one is great of her to use. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Sure, can use any pics of mine or of's one I sent you gals when I found these wine glasses in my "Winterfrost Pfaltzgraf" pattern at a consignment shop.

Could have been a better hair day...oh well! LOL! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I almost missed this thread, I was gone on vacation when you posted it.

How sweet to post pics of the two of you enjoying your day.

That little restaurant looks so inviting, what a neat place!

You two look like you had a ball, despite the heat!

So nice that you live close enough to get together for some necessary "shopping"! LOL

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