Orange bacteria on tile - what to clean with?

pbx2_gwNovember 12, 2013

We have what we believe is orange bacteria that accumulates with standing water in the corners of out tiled shower floor (see below for wiki explanation).

We have found that Lysol bathroom cleaner does a great job @ removing the orange stains from the bacteria.

Are there any other safe way of cleaning tiles while getting them sparkling clean & disinfect at the same time?

Here is a link that might be useful: Orange bathroom bacteria

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You have "mold" in the stage just before it turns black.

Chlorine bleach will clean/kill the mold. Mix bleach with water and spray on the area, leave for a while and then rinse off good. May need to repeat.

To prevent mold from returning, wipe water from walls and keep a fan blowing in the area for few hours after showers.

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Thanks Chrissie... Never thought it was 'pre-mold'.

Will the bleach mix damage my porcelain and ceramic tiles?

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No, it will not damage the porcelain tile/grout if used occasionally. Do not use it on a regular basis.

Prevention is better way to control mold.

Mold loves warmth and moisture.

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I agree with Krissie about prevention. I have never had mold or mildew in my bathrooms. I believe it is because I don't run hot water and steam up the bathrooms. When this home was built I told the contractor NO Shower Doors. I don't like to clean it and the tracks. I dry the shower when I finish with my shower. the key.

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I agree with others that water/dampness is the cause of any mold growth. I find that keeping my bathroom window open keeps the mold away. Even in the cold of winter I open the window after every shower.

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Yeah - ever since we read Krissie's note above, we have squeegee our shower floor to remove standing water.

We had always open the shower window, turned on the fan & wiped down the glass shower wall & the tiles but never did much to the shower floors or clawfoot tub floor.

Both don't have much of an decline to the drain so I can see where water stands in retrospect.

It will be interesting to see how effective relieving the standing water will help!

Thanks all for your kind feedback!

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