Are shower niches hard to keep clean? Ceramic crown molding shelf

Mom23EsMay 13, 2012

I love the idea of shower niches, but I keep envisioning mildew and soap buildup in them they seem like they would be annoying to clean. Are they a pain to clean?

I'm thinking about using ceramic crown molding shelves instead. Has anyone used this stuff? I've included a link to some pictures of the tile. You need to scroll down a few pics to see the crown molding.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to ceramic tile crown molding

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This is why nearly every niche I do now has a solid stone shelf to it-- a whole lot easier to keep clean than something with grout joints. I'll also make them big enough so that they have a drip edge to them, so you don't have soap streaks running down your wall.

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I second Bill's advice above. Ideally, a solid stone shelf is the way to go. We have this in our master bath and love it. We had it placed about 1' to the right of hte main shower spray to minimize the amount of water that could wash into it.

With that being said, our kids' baths have niches with 4x4 tile as the shelf and we have had no issues. But I also attribute that to using the little clear flexible soap holders with the little tines on them to keep the soap off the tile & placing the niches on the back wall of the tub (farthest away from the water) to minimize the amount of water that gets into the niche in the first place.

I much prefer a niche when you have the option of doing one over those racks that go over the shower arm/attach with suction cups to the wall or having the ceramic soap dish/shelf that protrudes from the wall.

Hope this helps!

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My DD has tiled niche, and yes, it is not fun to clean. Our newly completed master bath has two ceramic tile 1/4 round shelves in the same color as our shower wall tile. We positioned them in a corner below eye level, one above the other. They aren't huge, but suit our needs just fine. I put the bar of soap, a razor, and a fingernail brush on one, and three bottles of hair products on the other. DH is bald so we don't need lots of room for bottles! The 1/4 round shelves are designed to facilitate water drainage. So far, so good.

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This is a bug-bear of mine too!

I spotted something in an Australian magazine, which I thought was a great idea. It was a floor to ceiling niche, maybe 12" wide x 4" deep. Little glass shelves were slid into the niche (which I presume were removable). I will see if I can upload an image!

The architectural niches that you suggested are a great idea -
- but in my humble opinion, these would look better (less conspicuous) if you were using white tiles...

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I love my niche and although I don't have solid stone on the bottom, I have one piece of tile (no grout lines). Very easy to clean, just remove the bottles and wipe.

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