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sandy523November 20, 2008

Any ideas on how to get pencil eraser off my microwave oven door? The front is plastic and my son took a pencil eraser and "drew" all over the front. I have tried glass cleaner, soapy rag, magic eraser and no luck. Any ideas or anyone else have this happen?


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If it's white, you might try a little bleach on a cotton swab or paper towel. I don't think it would eat through the plastic... I've used bleach in a lot of "risky" applications and it didn't ruin anything. Is it the rubber residue from the eraser, or the graphite residue from the eraser having been used? I'm surprised the magic clean eraser didn't work... and how ironic to use an eraser to clean up after an eraser!

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Istn't it odd that eraser residue wouldn't come right off!

I wonder if something such as peroxide or witch hazel would work? They certainly will not hurt the plastic, but I would wipe with a wet/damp cloth afterward.

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Pencil eraser is not going to leave a stain. I would think mechanical removal methods would work. Just use a micro fiber cloth with a little water and rub, rub, rub.

Was is really a pencil eraser designed to lift graphite? Or one designed to remove pen ink? The ones for pens have GRIT in them. Maybe it is not eraser residue left on the plastic door that you see, but the grit has scratched the soft plastic.

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Nope it's regular pencil eraser. It's a film I guess that the eraser left. If you've ever done it you would know what I'm talking about but it's hard to explain. I remember doing the same thing as a kid on my desk at school. An eraser will leave some kind of residue when you use it to write or draw with on plastic that is almost impossible to get rid of. Maybe on plastic it is almost like a scratch it leaves but I'm not sure. I really thought the magic erase would do it but it didn't. Maybe I'll try alcohol or maybe even furniture polish just for kicks and giggles.

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I know this will sound strange, but did you try WD40? Try it in a small spot and see if that helps.

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I still vote for the idea that the eraser scratched the soft plastic. Some of the "pink" erasers you find on pencils are made from synthetic rubber blended with pumice (a grit that enhances its ability to erase.

If the erasure was made of some of the newer synthetics, it may have bonded with the synthetic plastic in a chemical reaction with the heat generated from the friction of the eraser rubbing on the plastic window.

Here is a link that might be useful: All about Erasers

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I also feel the plastic may have been slightly scratched by the eraser. Try using an automotive polish that is a scratch remover. I've used auto polish on many of my appliances and it keeps them easier to clean and fills in tiny scratches.

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Two things mentioned above by others that I use for unique, difficult or otherwise problematic situations. I keep WD-40 and an automotive polish in my bucket of tools and products in the garage. One can always test try either with just a dash on a q-tip.

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Will do. Thanks you guys. I'll let you know what works or if any of it works.

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I would try a paste of baking soda and a little water. It doesn't scratch but it's good at removing stuff like that.

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