A trip to Savers and more...

kathleen_liAugust 16, 2010

Last week I went shopping with another blogger. They just opened a Savers 45 min from us.

I got some good bargains and did a blog post on them.

Thought you might want to see.

Here is a link that might be useful: Table top bargains

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Kathleen...love your new header - very pretty.

Your shopping spree is my kind of day! Great purchases at terrific prices.
I'm heading over to CTS tomorrow..(my monthly fix)
I've been eyeing those plates for awhile.
Great price and they're made nice too.
Cute teddy napkin rings and love the green napkins..Great idea for the cornucopias.
What is a 'Savers'? What type of things do they sell.
Those silver candleholders are very nice and the price even nicer!


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Jane, Savers is a huge Thrift Shop run by Big Brothers Big Sisters. I was so impressed. Everything so neat and clean! Well organized! I can't wait to go back! It was so large, I was amazed.
Have fun at CTS. They have started bringing in the Fall, and a little Cmas.
Which plates were you looking at?

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Kathleen, I think you forgot to pick up some of your friends on your bargain bus ride. We would of gladly joined you! You find the neatest dishes and your bear napkin holders will be adorable with your Bear Christmas plates. Making your own napkins you sound like J. Some have all the talent and it pays.


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Wow Kathleen, great finds. I don't have CTS in CO, but we do have Savers. Mine are usually way more expensive than SA, GW, or ARC.
I can already taste those banana splits!!
The silver lidded bowls are my favorite of what you bought, although I do love the green napkins too.


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I'd say you hit the jackpot at "Savers!" ... a TS, WOW! Bargains on everything you bought! You asked, what would I buy? I would have bought that teal blue plate (for sure!)...looking for that color to go with the Bailey Winking Cups. And the napkins ...especially the red bordered ones...and the bowls...well, I'm sure I could have found lots there ...like you did, kathleen! Great buys & what fun with a blogging friend. TFS! Looking forward to seeing your "finds" in future t'scapes. TFS! Jeanne S.

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good thing I don't have a Savers near me...that would be another trip I'd 'Have To' make.
I do like the words Clean & Large though.
The plates I was referring to were the aqua ones. I've seen them for $1 ea..not $.84...which was a great price. The color is so pretty, but I'm limited in what to put with them.
I was at a 30th Anniversary Party for friends' yesterday.
It was catered in their back yard. Each table had lovely floral arrangements. Upon closer look, I saw they were in containters from CTS. You might have seen them...the metal ones with a Sunflower pattern. My friend came up to me and said 'You found me out...I made them myself, and knew you'd recognize the containers'! I laughed and said, I bought the same ones a few weeks ago...Don't ya just love a bargain!!


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I loved seeing all your "treasures", what a great shopping fix--now I feel just like I got to go along! ;o) Love your teal plates and cheaper than TS prices even. We don't have Savers here either, but I always visit the one in Vegas when we go there. Yes, clean and large are always good words to hear for a TS. LOL It is so fun just to look around and see if there's anything you just have to take home with you. I'm constantly amazed at the items that still have original stickers on them! Know you will put all of this to good use in your tablescapes. I love to hear more about how you make napkins out of a valance--curious as to whether you have to take the "header out and how you cut them. I see cute valances often. Thanks for sharing all your "treasures" with us. ;o)


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Wow...you got me at the candleholders............ The rest (especially the covered dishes) are great, but that silver is wonderful!!!
I loved your new header too...cuuuuute!
Thanks for posting the link,

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Lol, Jane, we get to know CTS merchandise and can spot it.
The aqua plates are salad size, they didn't have the dinners. :( But the mocha were nice, from Portugal and I think I will find some interesting combos for it with Fall coming.

Luvs, I did take the header out to make it a little larger. And then just hemmed them. I only finished 2 so far, but for .47 cents new, I thought it would be fun!

Jeanne, I figured I can always donate it back! It is for charity! I got 4 of those plates and 4 of the mocha bowls.

Jay, I found the same candleholders on ebay for $25, so I guess 5 was good.

Candy, I don't have the shops you mention, just little thrift shops for the hospital, etc. And they are very expensive. I thought Savers was priced fairly, but maybe they will go up . They just opened, so we will see!

Punk, I don't have sewing talent like J, my skills are minimal! Napkins are easy though!

Thanks, Ladies! Love to share my shopping with all of you.

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There are 2 Savers in Austin, and boy do they have the stuff! The last time I went I got a gorgeous blue/beige(like new!)Damask bedspread for $15. The first time it was a brand new Jones of NY coat, for $5. I think the voices in my head are saying 'come to savers, come to savers'...........;o)

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You should show us pics, Patty.

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You should show us pics, Patty.

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Great finds, Kathleen! My favorites are the beautiful green embroidered napkins. Loved the teddy bear napkin rings, too. Your green glass "banana" dish/bowls look like green chiles to me. Being from the Southwest, I'd serve individual chile rellenos or guacamole in them myself ;^D

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Sorry Kathleen, but 'A' I either can't find the camera, 'B' it's dead, 'C' i'm too lazy. Not to make excuses, but i've never been good about taking pictures, period! I'll try to get my act together. Thanks for the push. ;o)

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Kathleen, you always find such great bargains at CTS, sure wish we had one around here, I think some of the prices even beat my garage sale bargains!

Are you going to load up a huge cart full like you did that one year???? That picture is burned in my mind, just as Karen's story about having to have the Dollar Tree man help her to her car with all she purchased! LOL

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Kathleen, I somehow missed commenting on your post...you got some wonderful buys. There use to be a Savers near my old house and I went often. I need to find where the closest one is to me now and see if I can go. I really liked that thrift store!

Gee Yacht, you are making Kathleen and I "famous" on here.
LOL. I know I'll never live down that Dollar Tree shopping trip. But its good to be remembered for something I guess. LOL.

hugs, Karen
"good friends don't let you do stupid things.....alone"

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